Monday, 6 May 2013

The Sun Is Shining

Happy Bank Holiday weekend!!!

Like the incredibly lazy person I am, and because I need a little slothfulness once in a while to recuperate from life in general, it's 1.30pm on a gloriously sunny Sunday and I'm still sat in my PJ's at the kitchen table watching Cougar Town (a recent find, and I'm addicted!) and just finishing off a cooked breakfast. I promise to get out and go and get some fresh air and talk to some actual humans shortly though!!

The sun is shining, Spring feels like it's finally here and generally all is quite positive feeling here at Casa Sue at the moment.

Sorry, sometimes I can't resist messing around!

I decided that I needed to start tracking my food again, and have been for nearly a week now. That's not to say I'm perfect, but I realise that what tracking does for me is keep me conscious of what balance of food I'm eating, which is what I desperately lack when I'm left to my own devices.

In other good news, I saw my physio on Friday for my weekly appointment and she's really happy with my progress and said I can start swimming, Pilates / yoga and maybe even short rides on my bike on the road again .... woohoo!! Aaaaand I don't need to see her for another 2 weeks now ... progress indeed!!

Work is busy, as always, but to be honest, I sort of prefer it that way - if I don't have an urgent list of things to do it's far too easy to procrastinate and waste time, and then I get bored. Not good. I need to give them a nudge about my Sabbatical request though, and just make sure they haven't forgotten!!

The life detox is also slowly progressing, and the pile of stuff to be recycled / charity shopped / binned by my door is slowly growing. Possibly to the point where I should now actually do something about it rather than just keep adding to it!! Maybe I'll do something about that today?

Finances are also slowly being detoxed, and although it's been a long couple of months, what with travelling and winter bills, etc, it IS slowly getting there and I'm proud to be making progress on that.

All in all, life is ... not too shabby right now. Not too shabby at all in fact! Jump for joy for feeling like that!

I shall leave you with some cute pictures of the lions I met in Zambia - just like giant pussy cats :-)

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

The Life List

I think so much about the future, and 9 times out of 10, I worry.  I think about worse case scenarios and the fear of possibly being alone.  But what if .... instead of stressing about everything that could go wrong or disappoint, well, what if I thought about the best possible outcomes, and the things that could be?  Things I want and can aim for.  What about all the things I want to do or achieve?

I've had the wrong priorities for so long.  I've been reading a lot recently on positivity, and I stumbled on the utterly fantastic Mighty Girl, and one look at this site had me grinning.  Her view of life is inspirational.  The Mightly Life List is a work of art.  And what if I were to finally figure out what I want for me?

I've spoken of this before; it was one of the reasons I uprooted my life and moved to Bristol.  I thought that I needed to work out what I wanted - me - not my friends, not my family, not social expectations, but little ol' me.

So what the hell do I want?

I have a goals board (that currently needs updating again!).  It's the product of my first stumbling into life-planning.  On it are my 5 main areas of focus in my life, and a few specific goals with each one.  Work, family, travel, money and my health.  The over-riding things I want to aim for in life.  Practical goals.

What this list here does though is pick up on all those wonderful life experiences that make our lives richer.  Driven from the emotions I want to feel in my life.  Individual items that I want to be able to say I've done when I'm old.  I want to be able to look back on a life that was full and rich and satisfying.

Excitement, wonder, awe, peace, serenity, accomplishment and pride.  Satisfaction at a job well done.  Beauty, joy, happiness long lasting.  Understanding and enlightenment. So, so much to fit in my life.  Order, balance and harmony. Peace, again. 

Those are what I want my life to be full of.

With today's massive blanket of social media, there's a new phenomenon of what some call "FOMO".  AKA - Feelings Of Missing Out.  I am very familiar with these. I am currently far too externally focused for my happiness - my closest friends tell me so, my councellor confirmed it (and thus confirmed the undoubted wisdom of my friends too!).  I see what other people are up to and feel I should have it too.  I forget, or choose to ignore, that what we see on Facebook, Twitter, or anything else, are the highlights of their life - the bits they want us to see.  It doesn't matter - I immediately feel inadequate.

So ignoring that - here's what I want to achieve.  Some easy, some not so much.

100 things to shoot for:

1) Clear the debts.  All of them. 2) Own a house by the sea.  3) Stand on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge. 4) Ski a black run competently.  5) Learn to jump my bike.  6) Make a piece of furniture for my house from scratch.  7) Swim in the Indian Ocean. 8) Learn another language - properly this time.  9) Visit the V & A.  10) Visit the Natural History Museum.  11) Get my picture taken in Times Square.  12)  Surf at least once standing up properly.  13)  Paint with my Dad.  14)  Be a mother.  15) Sew some cushions for my house.  16) Live in a penthouse with a proper roof terrace.  17)  Cook something on a camp-fire.  18)  Climb the Three Peaks.  19)  Have a picnic in an orchard.  20)  Windsurf / surf in Haiwaii.  21)  Horseride with my relatives in Canada.  22)  Bike in Whistler, Canada.  23) Camp on an uninhabited island.  24) Go on safari and see the Big Five.  (All but the leopard - we didn't get to see one of them) 25)  Walk on a beach at sunset, holding hands with someone I care about.  26)  Declare my love for someone.  27)  Receive flowers by delivery.  28)  Do yoga on the beach.  29)  Go off-roading in the desert.  30)  See the pyramids.  31)  See the Northern Lights.  32)  Get to my goal weight.  33)  Start my own company.  34)  Buy and sell some stocks / shares.  35)  Go on a retreat.  36)  Learn to make a souffle. 37)  Dance at carnival in Rio.  38)  Climb Macchu Piccu.  39)  Run a half-marathon.   40)  Live abroad for at least 4 months.  41)  Jump out a plane (with parachute attached of course).  42)  Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef.  43)  Read the top 100 books of all time.  44)  Take a cake-decorating course.  45)  Stay in a 5 star hotel.  Or better.  46)  Go on a sailing holiday.  47)  Own a diamond or two.  48)  Take a gondola ride in Venice.    49)  Dog sled in the Arctic Circle.  50)  Ride a camel.  51)  Drive across the States.  52)  See the fall in New England / Vermont.  53)  Learn to make my own bread.  54)  Pick my own fruit!  55)  Get dressed up and drink champagne at a polo match.  56)  Volunteer my time to charity.  57)  Own a proper SLR and learn to take beautiful pictures.  58)  Have afternoon tea at The Ritz.  59)  Try kitesurfing. 60) Fly a plane or helicopter.  61) Walk on the Great Wall of China.  62) Sail around the Whitsunday Islands. 63) Practice yoga in India. 64) Have a garden with a hammock. 65) Hang a piece of my own artwork in my house.  66) Learn another instrument.  67)  Get my heels on the floor during Downward Dog in yoga.

.... the list is still in progress, and will be added to, as and when I think of something else.

When I achieve something, I cross it off!