Saturday, 24 October 2015

Holiday Prep

The sound of excitement is in my head today - one week from now I'll be at the airport heading off to Vietnam for three whole weeks!


It's felt like forever for this trip to come round and now it's FINALLY here - yay! Just seven days to go and between work and packing I think it'll go pretty quick.

Weight-wise, I'm still sitting where I was a fortnight ago, and that's pretty fine with me. I lost half a stone in two weeks at the start of the month and then had two hellish weeks of six day working weeks and somehow squeezing in a friend's hen do last weekend, so I'm happy with maintaining that loss. A few more pounds before I go to Vietnam (that just never starts sounding old to me!) would be lovely, but frankly I'm pretty happy at the moment as it's amazing how much difference half a stone makes to how your clothes fit and your self-image. Yes, there's still more to go, but making a hefty dent in it like that feels positive.

The hen do was lovely, despite how tired I was from work, as we skipped off to Rhosilli in South Wales for the weekend. I managed to get there by 10pm on Friday night after being late leaving the office, but we had fun surfing on Saturday and then a gorgeous late lunch with a walk along the cliff path back home afterwards, and some fun games on Saturday night. I missed out on the mountain biking on Sunday so that I could shoot straight back to the office first thing in the morning, which I was a bit gutted about but it was still lovely seeing everyone briefly.

This weekend is just about chilling at Dad's - a chance to see him before I go and start to recover a bit from the chaos at work over the last few weeks ready for holidays!

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Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Work Carousel and Relaxing

Hey hey,

It's been such a lovely day today and so relaxing that it's absolutely flown by and I can't quite believe that it's nearly Monday again already.

Work is going a bit crazy at the moment so the days are flying by in a rush of busy, busy, busy.  The week flies by and suddenly 7 days have gone - how is it the second week of October already???

Aside from that I've been sorting out visas for Vietnam (3 weeks - wooohoooo!), and trying to find time to relax and decompress from the office stress.  Basically making sure that I look after myself and showing myself a bit of kindness.

Despite it being so hectic, and not getting to the gym as much as I wanted to this week, I had a pretty on point week and lost another 2 lbs.  Happy days.

I had to work yesterday until about mid-afternoon, but then had a couple of hours chilling before meeting a friend for a quick but tasty local curry and really silly old films in our pyjamas at hers (The Rock - can't beat it).

This morning was all about brunch at our amazing local, Rosemarinos (if you're in Bristol, try it, but remember to book because it gets super busy), and a lazy walk round Clifton running errands and generally admiring the beautiful architecture - I love the area so much.

And the cycle begins again tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mini Adventures

Oh heeeeeeeey! It's a bit like I forget this blog exists for a while, or time flies by and I'm suddenly all "whoops it's been about 2 weeks since I posted anything". So soz.

As always, life seems pretty hectic at the moment, as I race between work which is suddenly passing the time quickly right now, and fun social stuff, with a healthy dose of has-to-be-done-or-life-comes-grinding-to-a-halt admin jobs on the side.

The social stuff has been awesome though and I've been a lucky girl, with trips to Dismaland, which was all kinds of fun and thought-provoking:

And World Cup Rugby in the form of Wales vs Fiji at the Millenium Stadium which was a completely chance last minute engagement when I found out friends had some spare tickets a week or two ago:

Somehow, despite all the running round like a lunatic, I've managed to lose about 4 lbs in the last couple of weeks, which is absolutely fine by me - long may that pattern continue. The gym is mostly happening on a regular basis, I'm trying to teach myself that not every plate has to be completely finished every time, and it's crossed my mind that it's less than 4 weeks until I leave for Vietnam now so maybe we'd a) better book a few places to stay and b) I might want to start thinking about my packing list and figuring out where everything I want to take is!

I also have the most gloriously tidy flat I've ever lived in as we've made the momentous decision to get a housekeeping service and they start tomorrow - it's motivated us into to getting it looking at least tidy and organised so they can actually clean for us! I've discovered that this level of organisation and zen calm in the flat is definitely soothing to my disorganised self!

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