Saturday, 28 September 2013

Still Sinking

ANOTHER 1.75lbs off this week for me. This is excellent progress, and not even the lowest weight I saw this week (damn these Thursday night social events with their eating late!). So that's just over 9lbs in 6 weeks!!

Now things start to get a little interesting - I'm coming down with a cold (boooooo) and next week work starts getting a little crazy for the next month to 6 weeks - which pretty much takes me up to the time I leave. Eeeeek - where is the time going!! Oh, and I have to move out of my house in about 4 weeks too!

So lots of stuff coming up, but I don't see that as a reason or excuse to get off plan. Despite a little nagging sore throat and sniffles I decided to start my weekend on the right note last night and go to the gym after work.

I'm just going to say this really quickly and get it out there: I LOVE the gym on a Friday night! Why? Because it's dead! I can get into the Personal Trainers' area to use all the kit I want and it's lovely and quiet and I just quite like working out in the gym undisturbed and unobserved. Then there's the ultra-virtuous feeling of being there at all when most other people are either in the pub or getting ready for a night out / getting takeaway and slobbing in front of the tv. Not that there is anything wrong with either of those options. But I have to say Friday evening workouts make me feel particularly good.

The rest of my evening consisted of a load of tasty roasted veg and chicken, a nice hot shower, a delicious glass of red wine, some icecream for my throat and my book. Yep - I was in bed by 10.30pm.

Thursday night we clothes-swapped. A friend organised it for charity - we paid £15 to our host for wine and nibbles, took along stuff we no longer wanted and everyone rummaged - I came home with 5 new tops, a new skirt and a dress after getting rid of my stuff. Not a bad deal really!! Try organising one it - it was loads of fun and everyone walked away with stuff.

Now I just need to do a bit of sorting out - my flat feels a bit chaotic after I started taking stuff back to my dad's last weekend to store for the winter, and I could do with sorting what's left, seeing if there's more I can get rid of and maybe starting to pack the next load of stuff. Soooooo much to organise and I really want to be on top of it so it's not stressful come 4 weeks time!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Skirting The Issue

Sometimes the scales aren't everything. This morning I put on a pencil skirt I haven't worn for 6 months or more. It's still snug, very snug, but it does up and doesn't cut in too much, so that is definitely progress.

Probably a good thing as we had a work lunch out today and there's nothing like a very slim-fitting pencil skirt to stop you over-eating!

On the other hand, my new ski kit has arrived today. The ski pants fit pretty damn well - there's space for me to lose some more weight without a problem, but I'll be able to wear them from the start of the season. The jacket is a bit of a different story. I took a bit of a punt, because the brand is American, and they run between sizes. It was either an XL (14-16 UK) or a L (12-14 UK) ... and the XL was out of stock ... and I REALLY loved the style. So I bought the L.

Now the good news is that is does do up. The bad news is that it is very tight. Like "I need to lose 1-1.5 inches off most of measurements to make it fit properly" tight. But I love it sooooooo much. I have a 21 day return period - 3 weeks to decide whether I think I can lose enough to make keeping it worthwhile. And if not, back it goes and I get a replacement option. I think I actually saw one on the Roxy website that looks pretty nice, if needed.

I've eaten a few more of my flex points than I'd like so far this week. Like all of them, plus most of my activity points (of the ones I bother to track that is). Even so, the scales have me down and I'm trying to make good choices and finish the week well- I've been to two spin classes this week, and I'll aim for Pilates tomorrow, and I've survived two meals out, a weekend at home and I've got lunch packed for tomorrow.

All in all, I've got even more motivation to do a good job now. I've got a lovely jacket I want to style on the slopes this winter :-)

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Steady As She Goes

This week's weigh in was a steady 0.5lbs off, taking me to 7.5lbs lost in 5 weeks. I'm quite happy with that loss, as in reality I know I was closer to a 1.5lb loss this week, but we had a dinner out on Thursday night and eating that late in the evening was bound to have a physical impact on my weigh in.

It was a pretty hectic week at work, so I'm quite pleased to have just continued with my steady routine - I managed to get to the gym for 2 more spin classes and a Body Balance class, and I've FINALLY got round to booking some more sessions with my personal trainer to cover my last weeks in the UK before ski season starts.

Talking of being at the gym, I realised this week that my back is feeling better than it has for ages!!! Whilst I still get more stiffness than the average person in it, and there are always going to be weak spots where certain movements aren't as easy for me, I've noticed that there are a lot of movements that are feeling a lot stronger than "usual". Ordinarily, bending straight forwards to pick something up, I would either have a twinge in my lower back or my hamstrings would be so tight that I automatically duck sideways or support myself with a hand to my knees. It's so second-nature to me with years of the injury, that it took me a while to notice it had lessened.

Having my back feel strong and normal (or more so anyway) is pretty precious to me, because I want to be able to enjoy my ski season without worrying about the physicality of it. This is definitely one part of the "fit and strong pre-season" ambition I can get 100% behind!

Exciting things this week - my contracts have finally arrived from my company, so I feel a bit more definite about everything going ahead, and with it they've set up Facebook groups for the staff in each resort, meaning I can start to have a little snoop of who my co-workers will be this winter ... it's nice to know who you'll be working, living and playing with! So far they look like they'll be a fun group, and thankfully it looks like there might be at least a few a little closer to my own age ... I've been praying for peeps in their late 20s / early 30s so it's not all school leavers!!

Oooooh, and my new snow boots have arrived and fit like a glove!!! Shiny!! And sooooo pretty! I have these ones:

I've also taken the plunge and ordered some more kit (I already have a ski jacket and pants, but figure for 5.5 months I can definitively use 2 sets!). So I'll be seeing if this lot fits, as I've had my eye on this jacket for ages!

I love kit shopping!!!! :-)

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

And Again!!!

After another insanely busy week, I was thrilled to step on the scales yesterday morning and be able to claim another 1.5lbs off this week. Thrilled, I tells ya!!!

Which means I've clocked a wonderful 7lbs in 4 weeks. 1/2 a stone!!! Whoop!

The secret? Consistency, I guess. I'm not going crazy with my food, although I've enjoyed a little of everything in moderation - a nice glass of red here, a couple of glasses of bubbly there, the odd cupcake and piece of flapjack and of course, some brunch. Alongside that has been lots of veg and fruit and I now tend towards EITHER protein or carbs with my evening meal - not so often the two together.

And the gym. Ahhhh, the gym. I'm back in the habit of going at least a couple of times a week. I even sneaked in a quick weights and intervals circuits session on the way home from work last night before heading to a house party, simply because I knew I hadn't been for a couple of days due to silly work hours. That's a whole different me, right there.

Add in a little activity on the weekend (surfing, cycling), and some good quality sleep and relaxation time. That seems to be the recipe to success.

I've got 9 weeks until the ski season starts (I think - I've only got provisional dates so far), and so much to organise!!! Eeeeek. I feel like I must be boring everyone I know with my constant chatter about it, but I'm so freaking excited.

However, there's kit to be bought, trip packing to be done, a whole flat to be packed up and handovers to do at work. In fact, I've got what is likely to be our busiest month at work this year to get through first in October! And 9 weeks to keep getting fitter and healthier. My ski gear fits a little better already (yay!), but lots more progress I can make yet!

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Friday, 6 September 2013


Hoorah!! I think we can safely say I'm feeling much better about this week's weigh in than last week's. 2.25lbs off this week, which totals to 5.5lbs over the last 3 weeks and since I started back on Weightwatchers and back to the gym properly too.

Of course, in the irony of all ironies, after being spectacularly good during the second week, and then experiencing that disappointing little 0.5lb gain, I wasn't quite as good this week (or more specifically last weekend) and then got a cracking loss - go figure!!

But, focussing on more than just the scales, I can truthfully say that my eating is tons better at the moment, I'm going to the gym and exercising regularly again and feel great for it, and the scales are not the only thing that are changing - I'm actually starting to feel better in myself with my strength and how my clothes fit. This morning I even realised that I'd done my belt up a notch tighter than I have been for some time. Result.

Last weekend did go a little awry because we were camping in North Cornwall. It was so good to get away, and a-mazing to get back in the sea with my surfboard - a couple of hours of that was like tonic to the soul. However camping trips, and especially with this group, can lead to rather less control of the food than I'd like.

Left to my own devices, I'd cook more in camp and be more self-sufficient with my supplies, however this trip was more of a "plan-lite" trip, and seemed rather dependent on eating out. Still, the food was lovely, and I certainly enjoyed every little bit I had.

Other than a small bit of drama when one of my friends had to barred off to the local hospital (it turned out to be just a bad ankle sprain), there were breakfast views like this to be had from my tent, whilst we waited for the "lazy" tent to surface:

Which was followed later by enjoying a hot mug of tea and a bacon sandwich from the lovely little campsite cafe:

With this beautiful little guy to play with:

(The cat, Ruffles, not my tent mate Lysney, although she's lovely too!)

This weekend is looking very relaxed and full of loveliness so far. I've finished my week with that great weigh in above, and the lovely news that my rating at work has been been put up and I'm now rated as "Good+" (which means I'm on an above average grade - my work is highly competitive so that's not to be sneezed at!). It was totally unexpected, and as work has been hectic and stressful recently, was a wonderful little surprise.

After all that excitement, I started my weekend with a thoroughly satisfying gym workout (weights circuits with cardio intervals, courtesy of my trainer) and a healthy tasty dinner. I might even go wild and have early night! Then tomorrow I have a friend's 30th birthday, which means catching up with lots of lovely people (and very definitely NOT going bonkers with the food and drink!) and that's all my plans for this weekend - leaving lots of time for me; sleeping, relaxing, more organising and decluttering and pottering. And doing my homework for my last French class before I leave!! I can't believe the time is going so quickly and two terms have flown past already!!

Happy weekend!

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