Friday, 6 September 2013


Hoorah!! I think we can safely say I'm feeling much better about this week's weigh in than last week's. 2.25lbs off this week, which totals to 5.5lbs over the last 3 weeks and since I started back on Weightwatchers and back to the gym properly too.

Of course, in the irony of all ironies, after being spectacularly good during the second week, and then experiencing that disappointing little 0.5lb gain, I wasn't quite as good this week (or more specifically last weekend) and then got a cracking loss - go figure!!

But, focussing on more than just the scales, I can truthfully say that my eating is tons better at the moment, I'm going to the gym and exercising regularly again and feel great for it, and the scales are not the only thing that are changing - I'm actually starting to feel better in myself with my strength and how my clothes fit. This morning I even realised that I'd done my belt up a notch tighter than I have been for some time. Result.

Last weekend did go a little awry because we were camping in North Cornwall. It was so good to get away, and a-mazing to get back in the sea with my surfboard - a couple of hours of that was like tonic to the soul. However camping trips, and especially with this group, can lead to rather less control of the food than I'd like.

Left to my own devices, I'd cook more in camp and be more self-sufficient with my supplies, however this trip was more of a "plan-lite" trip, and seemed rather dependent on eating out. Still, the food was lovely, and I certainly enjoyed every little bit I had.

Other than a small bit of drama when one of my friends had to barred off to the local hospital (it turned out to be just a bad ankle sprain), there were breakfast views like this to be had from my tent, whilst we waited for the "lazy" tent to surface:

Which was followed later by enjoying a hot mug of tea and a bacon sandwich from the lovely little campsite cafe:

With this beautiful little guy to play with:

(The cat, Ruffles, not my tent mate Lysney, although she's lovely too!)

This weekend is looking very relaxed and full of loveliness so far. I've finished my week with that great weigh in above, and the lovely news that my rating at work has been been put up and I'm now rated as "Good+" (which means I'm on an above average grade - my work is highly competitive so that's not to be sneezed at!). It was totally unexpected, and as work has been hectic and stressful recently, was a wonderful little surprise.

After all that excitement, I started my weekend with a thoroughly satisfying gym workout (weights circuits with cardio intervals, courtesy of my trainer) and a healthy tasty dinner. I might even go wild and have early night! Then tomorrow I have a friend's 30th birthday, which means catching up with lots of lovely people (and very definitely NOT going bonkers with the food and drink!) and that's all my plans for this weekend - leaving lots of time for me; sleeping, relaxing, more organising and decluttering and pottering. And doing my homework for my last French class before I leave!! I can't believe the time is going so quickly and two terms have flown past already!!

Happy weekend!

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