Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Skirting The Issue

Sometimes the scales aren't everything. This morning I put on a pencil skirt I haven't worn for 6 months or more. It's still snug, very snug, but it does up and doesn't cut in too much, so that is definitely progress.

Probably a good thing as we had a work lunch out today and there's nothing like a very slim-fitting pencil skirt to stop you over-eating!

On the other hand, my new ski kit has arrived today. The ski pants fit pretty damn well - there's space for me to lose some more weight without a problem, but I'll be able to wear them from the start of the season. The jacket is a bit of a different story. I took a bit of a punt, because the brand is American, and they run between sizes. It was either an XL (14-16 UK) or a L (12-14 UK) ... and the XL was out of stock ... and I REALLY loved the style. So I bought the L.

Now the good news is that is does do up. The bad news is that it is very tight. Like "I need to lose 1-1.5 inches off most of measurements to make it fit properly" tight. But I love it sooooooo much. I have a 21 day return period - 3 weeks to decide whether I think I can lose enough to make keeping it worthwhile. And if not, back it goes and I get a replacement option. I think I actually saw one on the Roxy website that looks pretty nice, if needed.

I've eaten a few more of my flex points than I'd like so far this week. Like all of them, plus most of my activity points (of the ones I bother to track that is). Even so, the scales have me down and I'm trying to make good choices and finish the week well- I've been to two spin classes this week, and I'll aim for Pilates tomorrow, and I've survived two meals out, a weekend at home and I've got lunch packed for tomorrow.

All in all, I've got even more motivation to do a good job now. I've got a lovely jacket I want to style on the slopes this winter :-)

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