Saturday, 14 September 2013

And Again!!!

After another insanely busy week, I was thrilled to step on the scales yesterday morning and be able to claim another 1.5lbs off this week. Thrilled, I tells ya!!!

Which means I've clocked a wonderful 7lbs in 4 weeks. 1/2 a stone!!! Whoop!

The secret? Consistency, I guess. I'm not going crazy with my food, although I've enjoyed a little of everything in moderation - a nice glass of red here, a couple of glasses of bubbly there, the odd cupcake and piece of flapjack and of course, some brunch. Alongside that has been lots of veg and fruit and I now tend towards EITHER protein or carbs with my evening meal - not so often the two together.

And the gym. Ahhhh, the gym. I'm back in the habit of going at least a couple of times a week. I even sneaked in a quick weights and intervals circuits session on the way home from work last night before heading to a house party, simply because I knew I hadn't been for a couple of days due to silly work hours. That's a whole different me, right there.

Add in a little activity on the weekend (surfing, cycling), and some good quality sleep and relaxation time. That seems to be the recipe to success.

I've got 9 weeks until the ski season starts (I think - I've only got provisional dates so far), and so much to organise!!! Eeeeek. I feel like I must be boring everyone I know with my constant chatter about it, but I'm so freaking excited.

However, there's kit to be bought, trip packing to be done, a whole flat to be packed up and handovers to do at work. In fact, I've got what is likely to be our busiest month at work this year to get through first in October! And 9 weeks to keep getting fitter and healthier. My ski gear fits a little better already (yay!), but lots more progress I can make yet!

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Anonymous said...

Thumbs up on the loss!!

Peridot said...

Good for you - it all sounds really positive.