Sunday, 22 September 2013

Steady As She Goes

This week's weigh in was a steady 0.5lbs off, taking me to 7.5lbs lost in 5 weeks. I'm quite happy with that loss, as in reality I know I was closer to a 1.5lb loss this week, but we had a dinner out on Thursday night and eating that late in the evening was bound to have a physical impact on my weigh in.

It was a pretty hectic week at work, so I'm quite pleased to have just continued with my steady routine - I managed to get to the gym for 2 more spin classes and a Body Balance class, and I've FINALLY got round to booking some more sessions with my personal trainer to cover my last weeks in the UK before ski season starts.

Talking of being at the gym, I realised this week that my back is feeling better than it has for ages!!! Whilst I still get more stiffness than the average person in it, and there are always going to be weak spots where certain movements aren't as easy for me, I've noticed that there are a lot of movements that are feeling a lot stronger than "usual". Ordinarily, bending straight forwards to pick something up, I would either have a twinge in my lower back or my hamstrings would be so tight that I automatically duck sideways or support myself with a hand to my knees. It's so second-nature to me with years of the injury, that it took me a while to notice it had lessened.

Having my back feel strong and normal (or more so anyway) is pretty precious to me, because I want to be able to enjoy my ski season without worrying about the physicality of it. This is definitely one part of the "fit and strong pre-season" ambition I can get 100% behind!

Exciting things this week - my contracts have finally arrived from my company, so I feel a bit more definite about everything going ahead, and with it they've set up Facebook groups for the staff in each resort, meaning I can start to have a little snoop of who my co-workers will be this winter ... it's nice to know who you'll be working, living and playing with! So far they look like they'll be a fun group, and thankfully it looks like there might be at least a few a little closer to my own age ... I've been praying for peeps in their late 20s / early 30s so it's not all school leavers!!

Oooooh, and my new snow boots have arrived and fit like a glove!!! Shiny!! And sooooo pretty! I have these ones:

I've also taken the plunge and ordered some more kit (I already have a ski jacket and pants, but figure for 5.5 months I can definitively use 2 sets!). So I'll be seeing if this lot fits, as I've had my eye on this jacket for ages!

I love kit shopping!!!! :-)

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