Friday, 21 November 2014

Happy Birthday To Me!

Greetings from the not quite-so-snowy-yet Alps, where I am currently celebrating my 34th birthday.

Good grief! 34?! How on earth did the years pass so quick??

It's been a busy sort of week, in that I drove out last Saturday / Sunday, and went straight into training every day, 9-5, on Monday and the days go very quickly!

(Everything packed in the car ready to go)

(Beautiful autumnal fog as I passed Gloucester)

(Chilling out on the exceptionally quiet ferry as I waved farewell to the UK)

The journey itself went very smoothly, with a stop overnight in Reims, and I think I got most things done that I needed to before I left. It's so strange coming at it all again for the second time; so many things are familiar and others so different!

I got to see a few friends at home before I left, and spent a couple of days with my dad before the expected emotional farewell for 6 months. And then, quite suddenly, I'm back with friends from last winter and it's all heartfelt hellos!

I'm taking things much easier this year on training, so rather than being out every night and exhausted / hungover in training every day, I've had two big nights out, one relaxed night in the lodge bar where we're staying and two really early nights, which I've absolutely loved! I feel like I have nothing to prove this year so I can just sit back and enjoy the ride a bit more.

Weight-wise, I obviously didn't hit my targets before I left, but I did manage to drop 3lbs of my gain back off again. I've bought my scales and like last year I shall try and find the balance. Unlike last year, I have a flatmate this season who loves cooking and is keen to do some healthy eating too, so I might actually get some regular vegetables in my gob over the next couple of months - hoorah!

Looks like I just have to survive tonight, when everyone seems intent on having a massive night out and getting (me) hammered!

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Badger said...

Happy birthday!

So jealous of your mountain escapades - I live in France too (the south - Antibes) and always wanted to do a season up there.

Look forward to hearing all your ski tales :)