Friday, 3 July 2015

Weigh In - Week 10

It's with some guilt that I have to own up to another gain this week. I suspected it was coming, as I mentioned in my last post that I've not been on the ball, but there it is.

2.25lbs on.

Back to 13st 13.75. I suspect that a lot of it is water bloat from eating too much processed food and the heat, and some will also be due to me weighing in significantly earlier this morning than I usually do (I was up about 4 hours earlier as I had an appointment early in Bristol this morning), but a gain is still what I deserved; I earnt it fair and square.

Hopefully, this will be the kick up the arse I need to get myself back on track. Hopefully. I'm feeling a bit grumpy with myself for wandering off track from my slow but steady process, although it can always be worse and at least I'm not back where I started.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, have you tried something else within framework of WW? I mean eating a little "cleaner" staff, like to exclude for a while all white (bread, pasta, rice, leaving a few spuds here and there) and sugary (sugar, alcohol, high fructose) staff? Staying still within portion/or points framework (plenty of veggies, proteins, healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, butter, some fruit), but steer clear from processed staff and, yes, diet drinks?

After giving birth to my daughter I actually gained with WW (staying on points while studying, being depressed and eating cheese and white bread) - so I know it (gaining on WW while on reduced calories and permanently hungry) is possible. I am wondering if you are willing to tweak your diet a little, since what you are eating at the moment is not working well for you. Week after week you are not getting the best results. Although I truly admire you for sticking with your health goals -

I am checking Whole30 and it seems to be working for me for the moment.

Please feel free to ignore above. :) Bestest luck and I will continue rooting for you whatever you choose.

starfish264 said...

Firstly, think you for taking the time to comment! In all honesty, my main problem at the moment is that I just haven't been sticking to my points properly - my willpower seems lacking and so I've been over-eating here and there, plain and simple. Having said that, I would like to move away from some of the more processed food, and have started looking at ingredients in my home shopping to try and avoid chemicals in favour of actual recognisable food, and I have started cutting back on my diet Coke addiction. For me, I think things like Whole 30 are a bit too extreme though - I fear I'd go the other way and just make up for lost time when it finished, or just give up half way through because it gets in the way of my social life. As a single woman, I'm out with friends a lot, so for me it's about finding a path of moderation and making it work.

My other problem is lack of routine at the moment, as I'm between jobs and flats. I don't keep any food at my London place at the moment, as I never know when I'll be there, and I don't much enjoy cooking at my day's place as the kitchen is chaos. And he keeps trying to feed me bad things! Still, if I can hang in there either no weight gain or even a small loss until my normal working routine kicks in again, and I have a gym membership once more, I'll be happy!!

Hope the Whole 30 goes well - I admire anyone who can stick to it!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Whole 30 as detox thingy is grueling for first 8 to 10 days (due to sugar withdrawal) but it pays back later with very good sleep and lots of energy. And you are right as soon as one puts back some processed carbs or odd glass of wine, some of the weight immediately comes back via water weight. But not all of it, sure.

I do not think that there is something wrong with your willpower - on contrary. Mere fact that you managed to keep off most of the lost weight through thick and thin shows that you have oozes of willpower, definitely more than most people who never had weight issues.

I am popping in here from time to time, creepy as it sounds. First, I enjoy your writing and honesty; second, you are young and single and sporty and have lots of friends; third, there is a whim of romance around (usually) whereas I am decently boring - 40ish, married, one daughter, working et.c. et.c. During last four years I have gone down from 120 kg to 95 kg and I am keeping them off. I still have an aspiration to get to 80 kg, hence sneaking and looking how others are dealing with the same challenge, how to live some life while dieting. :)

Good luck and thank you for keeping me a great company during last few years. :)