Thursday, 16 June 2016

Friday Favourites

1)      House shopping – I love looking at all the possibilities and considering the options.  I seriously need to sit down and write out the list of what I want, as the more I look at the slightly further out areas and the houses I could  have instead of a little one bed flat, the more it looks tempting, but I think I’d regret being that far out away from my friends at the moment.  I’m quite good, I think, at seeing the possibilities in a property rather than just what it is right now, and I’ve started dreaming of house decorating and home improvements already.  Heart eyes emojis over having a little nest of my own.

2)      Planning summer adventures – last night was the summer planning session for the Explorers Connect group and we came up with loads of potential ideas to keep us entertained over the summer, starting with maybe a bit of wild-swimming next weekend.  

3)      Pimm’s – you can’t beat the feeling of summer that comes with drinking cold Pimm’s in the warm sunshine .... definitely when accompanied by a punnet of strawberries.  Living the quintessential British dream last weekend on a picnic blanket by the Thames with my book.

4)      Busted (and Wheatus!) – last Saturday night was like a trip down a very cheesy memory lane.  We saw the bands at the sold out O2 Arena in London, and it was awesome.  And if I’m honest even – so much better than I was expecting.  I thought it was going to be cheesy hits and nostalgic, but potentially not the best quality singing ever nor the most tuneful – just a bit manic.  Well.  That was me proven wrong.  Both bands blew my socks off in terms of raw talent and the performances were electric.  It was a hell of a lot of fun and my friend and I danced the whole way through.  We were pretty lucky with our seating as well, as we were close enough to be watching in person, rather than on the big screens, and they came down to do a section on a central stage that was literally about 10m away from us.  All in all, it was fabulous.

5)      Sunny pub walks – again from last weekend, myself and two friends set off for a walk along the Thames with the aim of a specific pub because we knew they did awesome cheesecake (who needs lunch; skip straight to dessert!), and the weather was so lovely, that some 6 or 7 miles later we finally staggered home via another 2 pubs in the sun.  It was catch up chat, summery drinks and admiring the drool-worthy property on that section of the river (shout out to Chiswick Village and it’s random picture-perfect country cottages and manor houses by the river).

6)      New sandals – since summer is basically here, and knowing good ol’ Blighty will probably last for approximately 3 more days this year) I’m taking advantage of sandal-wearing weather.  My pair from last summer look sadly tatty and worn now (which is fair since they cost about £7 from New Look) so I  fell in love with this gorgeous pair of blue ones from White Stuff when I accidentally fell into the shop on the way home on evening this week.  They fit like gloves and give a colourful little boost to my outfits.  They’re a necessity right?  I just have to keep telling myself (and my budget) that.  

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