Thursday, 7 November 2013

Stumbling Along

Where did the week go?? I've just realised I weigh in again tomorrow and I still haven't posted last week's result!

Last week's result: good. Another 1.5lbs off, taking me to a solid 12st 9.5lb. Just 3.5lb away from my target of 12st 6lb for the start of the season with 2 weeks to go.

And then this week happened. I got a little contemplative, wedding weekends came and went, friends birthdays got celebrated, and with one day to go before this week's weigh in, I can say without doubt that there will be no loss this week. In fact, I expect a slight gain.


I've single-handedly managed to break the longest losing streak I've ever had! Damn it!

It started with moving day on Friday. A stressed, flat-out morning to get all my remaining belongings out of the my flat, my room cleaned and everything moved to my temporary digs at a friend's house. OF COURSE it took longer than expected and I was stressed, sweaty and knackered by the time I had to rush my hire car back to its allotted space and run into town on foot to meet a friend for lunch.

Strike 1 - I didn't eat a particularly healthy lunch.

An afternoon spent running errands in town and getting more stuff off my final kit list, and arriving back to my new home to find chaos in my room and it was cold and I was tired and it was raining hard.

Strike 2 - takeaway. Not a good one (although not the worst).

Over the weekend we were wedding-ing in Herfordshire - staying in a B & B with spectacular food, drinking and eating it out for most of the weekend.

Strike 3: two massive lunches and a huge breakfast. Even ditching dinner on both nights because I just wasn't hungry wasn't going to help.

Strike 4: birthday drinks for my ex-housemate on Tuesday night. She bought home Patisserie Valerie cake and I had a slice without even thinking about it.

Yeah - it's not been a great week. And the remaining time before I go is a flat-out social smorgasbord, so I need to find a way to arrest the rot before "holiday" mode well and truly sets in for no reason!

I might not be able to hit my perfect target, but I can still aim for one further loss at the end of next week before I go. I need to plan!!! I have cocktails, leaving drinks, birthday celebrations a fake Christmas to negotiate but I don't see why that has to be a disaster.

Wish me luck!

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Seren said...

Good luck! And hopefully your WI result won't be as bad as you think.