Friday, 25 October 2013

Willpower and Mussels

Normal weight loss service seems to have been resumed this week, with another solid 1.75 lbs down, taking me down a solid stone (and half a lb) since I got going again after holiday. Not the quickest perhaps, but good steady progress.

In all honesty, this weekend has been a bit up and down though. I got a little carried away on Saturday when, after a virtuous morning spin class, I went a bit overboard at a girls lunch and then had to struggle through a birthday dinner which left me feeling soooooo sick because I was far too full. Silly, silly girl!!

I was then excellently well behaved for the next several days, before hitting a bit of a unexpected bump. At a dinner out on Wednesday night (when I was making some sensible choices and had eaten lightly during the day to be good) I think I had a bad mussel. Yeah, possibly 'nough said.

Suffice it to say I wasn't a very well bunny on Wednesday night, and was feeling a little fragile and sleep deprived on Thursday. Ah well, these things happen, but although I made it to work on Thursday I didn't feel up to a gym workout, so I'm a bit down on my activity for the week. Work is still busy so it's a still a bit of a struggle keeping up with anything at all this week!

On the good side of these things, my "skinny" skinny jeans are now wearable! They are snug, but wearable, which is very good news.

Sooooooo, the weeks seem to be whipping by at the moment, and it's already time to start the move out of my flat this weekend! Oh my god, where have the months gone? It's only 3 weeks tomorrow before I leave the country and make my way to the French mountains - argh!!!! I'm ... sort of organised! I've done quite a bit of packing already, but still have quite a lot more organising to do before tomorrow. Luckily, I have a very lovely friend coming to help me to load my hire van tomorrow, which makes this part of the move a little less intimidating. I've got a big chunk of stuff packed already (good), and have trial packed my ski season luggage and what I need for the next couple of weeks (very foresightful of me if I do say so!), but I definitely feel like I could do with an extra day to get sorted (arrrrrrgh).

Wish me luck!

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Hetty said...

I'm looking forward to reading your blogs from resort so I can't imagine how excited you are! Well done on your weight loss too you will look fab on the slopes. (hope this comment appears as I've tried a few times in the last month but they've not worked)
Hetty :)