Saturday, 12 October 2013

Urgent Update!!

Breaking news!!!! There has been a rare sighting of the Twelves in the vicinity if Bristol. I repeat: a rare sighting of the Twelves!

Local experts had begun to fear that the explosion in the population of the Thirteens had spelled disaster for the Twelves and placed them in danger of extinction, but it seems they have rallied and sightings on 3 consecutive days have been recorded. We have yet to see any evidence of the smaller Twelves, but if the larger ones are still alive and kicking there is hope that smaller ones may be sighted soon.


For the 6th week in a row I've lost! Whooop - another 1.5lbs off!!!! 12.5 lbs gone in total since I got my ass in gear at the end of August, and I'm FINALLY back into the 12st bracket. Finally!!!

This is where I felt more comfortable before, although I'm still half a stone off my goal before I leave for the winter season. I haven't been at this weight for around 18 months or more .... basically since I moved into my shared house, so it's good to know I can do it.

I'm getting to the point now where I'm noticing a difference I my clothes - some stuff I haven't worn for ages fits again - my Skinny skinny jeans (if you know what I mean) nearly fit again - whilst other things are now getting too big - annoyingly my two current pairs of skinny jeans are rapidly getting loose just ahead of the other ones fitting - rubbish! Ah well - at least I know I've got plenty of choice of dresses that will fit well for the wedding I'm going to next month!

Focusing on having a really good week to make good headway into the 12's - I'm working this weekend but decided to stay in and cook last night (lovely fish pie!) and get in a 60 min spin class this morning before hitting the office. I really want to try not to use all my flex this week as I've been using them all the last couple of weeks.

And in other exciting news - I'm going to try ski boots tomorrow!! I love kit shopping :-)

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Seren said...

Well done - fantastic results! Keep it up!


Peridot said...

Wow, well done you! Hurrah for the 12s!