Saturday, 14 June 2014

Lucky For Some

Yesterday may have been Friday 13th - a day traditionally associated with bad luck and misfortune - but for me, it turned out to be a pretty good day.

For a start, my weekly weigh in scored me a 0.5lb loss. Not a lot, you might think, but truthfully my eating has not been all that this week, so I was grateful for small mercies. I know it hasn't been perfect because I have persevered and kept tracking, so even when it's gone wrong, at least I know where I'm at. My other point of perseverance this week has been to treat each day as a fresh start; so even if my evenings have gone wrong, I've started afresh each morning rather than give up on the week.

Yesterday was beautiful weather too, showcasing the lovely Bristol looking her best - I do love a sunny walk to work in the morning.

And best of all, my bonus from my ski season came through yesterday and not only did it meet the maximum I'd thought I could get, it exceeded it. You can imagine how very happy that made me! I've already handed almost all of it over to my dad to start paying back the loan he generously gave me to get some wheels on my return from the mountains, but it's more than I'd been expecting to be able to give him at this point.

So, all in all, I was in a grand mood yesterday, I had a relaxed drink with my work colleagues by the harbour at lunch, and enjoyed a fun night out with friends at a Cuban themed Prohibition party last night - a very nice way to spend the day indeed!

I'm currently enjoying my first weekend at home in my new flat, and it's heaven. A well earned lie in, and pottering round doing a bit of tidying this morning - it's such a simple pleasure to have nowhere I NEED to be, so I can simply please myself. I'm feeling gloriously relaxed as a result!

Happy weekend!

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