Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Miss You, Grandma

I was going to write today about how I have still been struggling with my food, but feel like I've maybe found a little of my groove these last two days. And also about the amazing yoga practice I did at lunchtime today.

Instead, I shall write that I'm feeling sadness and guilt and relief all mixed together, because my awesome grandma finally passed away this afternoon. She was 100, and a wonderful, tough, independent and loving lady who lived a long and varied life. She had been getting gradually frailer for a while and it was painful to watch that fierce spirit weighed down under the burden of old age and infirmity. I can't help feeling that what's sad for me was the right thing for her.

Hope you're reunited with Grandpa and Mum tonight, Grandma, and I miss you already. Xxx

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Linz M said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Massive hugs xx

Badger said...

Sorry to hear too ((((hugs))) xx