Monday, 2 March 2015

Global Beauty

Well, it's rainy and miserable here in Meribel today ... I know, rain in March in the Alps, crap weather  or what??? ... so I'm sitting cozied up in bed surfing the interwebs and contemplating tarting my CV up and applying for jobs.

Before I do that though, I stumbled across the article below, about Mihaela Noroc's amazing photographic project, and couldn't resist sharing with you.  Mihaela is a young woman from Romania is currently travelling the world and photographing women of her own age as she goes, building a global picture of beauty across many countries and cultures.

I find it fascinating that not one of these girls is wearing an absurd amount of make-up or flashing lots of flesh, and that they all have healthy figures and diverse cultural backgrounds, and yet they are all absolutely stunning.  If it's Global Beauty vs sanitised and twisted Hollywood Beauty, I'll take Global Beauty any day!

So here, for your gloomy Monday delectation, is a reminder that beauty comes in many forms and everyone should be proud of themselves and where they come from.

Mihaela Noroc's "The Atlas of Beauty"

Right - time to do something practical and update my CV now!

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