Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spring Forward

After feeling really rather gloomy and just ... blaaah .... for a little while now, I've suddenly found that life, rather as it has a tendency to do, has jumped into fast forward.

Partying with the team at a remote cabin in the woods in Courcheval

The sun is here and with it the annual spring ski on slush.  And parties.  And thoughts turning to the end of the season and going home to family and friends.

Plans starting to form for what to do after the season;  maybe shaking things up in London and living with one of my oldest and closest friends for a while at least.  New jobs.

And an amazing final gift from my grandma.  

Long term readers of this little corner of the internet will know that debts are something I've struggled with almost as long as this I've been writing here.  I've been slowly working away behind the scenes getting that shit sorted out, sort of in parallel to working on my health and other aspects of living a happy, fulfilling life but as anyone who's been in debt knows:  it's a long road back.  

To be fair, I've taken a few detours that slowed progress by doing my ski seasons and going travelling at intervals, but they were things I deemed worth it.  What I have learned is how to live within my income, and how to save for things I really want whilst still making progress and keeping my debt repayments covered.  I am getting there, slowly but steadily, but still with a couple of years to go.

On Monday, I received news from my dad.  After my grandma peacefully passed away last summer, the solicitors have finally finished wrangling all the legal stuff and it turns out she's left me a rather wonderful legacy that will allow me to clear all my remaining debts and start a completely fresh financial slate.  I've never been in this position before, where I'll not only be completely debt free but also on a salary I can afford to live within and with the attitude and motivation to do it.

I wish I could tell her how much this means to me, and promise her that I'll use it well; to really make a change to my life.

It feels like all manner of new leaves are being turned over as the green of spring arrives.

And so it seems like another period of change is upon me and I can't wait to see what's on the other side of this one!

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