Friday, 3 February 2012

January Recap

I like the idea of doing a bit of recap of each month this year, so I can see how things are shaping up in my life. January has mostly been dominated by work, as it's always is for a humble bean-counter (accountant) such as myself. I looked in my overtime log on Thursday night and saw that I've only left the office on time twice this year so far! January was also started as month when I did t quite have my finger on the pulse of my eating, which was something that caused the scales to move up instead of down - whoops. But despite all the tiredness and grumpiness, there's been some good times to. Highlights were: • finally getting back to tracking properly on Weightwatchers. I'm not sure I actually lost any weight in January, but I certainly exited the month feeling more in control than I started it. • cracking on with half-marathon training, and surprisingly, not finding it too terrible. I definitely feel more in the love part of my love/hate relationship with it right now. • buying my first surf-board and taking it out - I (sort of) feel like a bona-fide surf-chick now, and can't wait til it starts to get a bit warmer, for longer days in the water or weekends away. • starting my beginner's climbing course. Something new to challenge both my strength and fitness and my mind and fears. • finding my feet with my new budget and managing a second month in a row of actually reducing my credit card debt. Not a bad month really!! February looks set to bring new all-time long runs for me, more climbing (and hopefully passing my course), and more conscientious eating. One goal for Feb should be for me to finish that Mindless Eating book I started before Christmas - I'm about half-way through, but keep forgetting to read any more! I'd also like to attempt to track properly for the whole month, because I feel good right now. Finally, I want to manage another month of staying on budget - it's good to see those number starting to drop slowly. Here's to February!

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