Friday, 3 February 2012

A Little Underwhelming

Ok, so my first full week back at tracking properly and eating conscientiously didn't produce a resounding success at the scales, but instead a rather understated 0.6lbs off. 

However (after I'd had a slight grumpy moment to get it off my chest), we shall not be disheartened. 
  1. I mentioned yesterday that previous crawls back onto the wagon of healthy eating have taught me that I usually have a delay of anywhere between a week and 10 days before any spectacular (or even noticable) loss inflicts itself on the scales.
  2. The scales were lower during the week, but I was late home from work last night, and chose to stop and make proper soup instead of eat crap, and therefore ended up eating a large bowl of soup and a couple of slices of toast late in the evening, which I suspect has influenced this morning's number.
  3. I cannot control the scales.  Only myself - my eating, my exercising, my attitude.  The rest is out of my hands.
So, on that note, I shall simply say on y va - there's another week ahead and more healthy eating to do.

I loved seeing people's comments yesterday - interesting that I'm not the only one with the Fear of Hungry.  It's something I'm constantly trying to school myself out of, along with the notion that it's ok to not have a meal if I'm not hungry, or to eat something unconventional to the mealtime if that's what I fancy.  Let's just say it's a major work in progress and leave it at that.

I absolutely agree with you though, Hetty, I would much prefer to have Chris stupidly healthy than a sloth.  I love that we do active stuff together, and that I've got someone I can surf and bike with.  It works out quite well because I'm ludicrously chatty and he's quite quiet on the whole, so doing some kind of activity balances that out for us.  I actually find him very restful to be around, because when we do talk, we talk quite honestly about whatever's on our minds - I just need to learn to relax and let the silence be comfortable in between - I'm still a bit stuck in the "must impress" mode at the moment. 

Mind you, for all his super-healthy eating, he does relax when the occasion calls for it, and we do eat well - we had gorgeous roast lamb with loads of root veg and cheesy leeks last weekend, followed by little Gu desserts, but he balances me, because we then ate normally the next day.  That's what I'm missing I think.

I think therefore that my issue niggle disappointment I-don't-even-know-what-my-feeling-is with his stone in a month, is not with him, but with me, for lacking the ability to commit and focus at the moment, and for lagging behind on the weight-loss sucess front.  I'm proud of him for deciding to do something and doing it - I think it's just the kind of person he is.  Time for me to do the same! 

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