Thursday, 29 August 2013


I have to confess, at the end of my second week back on Weightwatchers, I'm feeling a little nervous.

Last week I had an amazing weigh in result, that saw me drop nearly 4lbs - that's a huge amount for me, as I often struggle to lose the weight with any speed.

This week, I've continued to be really honest with my tracking, and have only used about half of my weekly flex points. I've also clocked fair few activity points which I haven't dipped into, courtesy of two spin classes, a Body Balance and a solo session in the gym with my trainer's programme. That in itself makes me very proud, as I know I've made some conscious choices about my eating and I've made the effort to fit in exercise time ... even when it's meant hitting the gym at 7am!

However, I'm not sure the scales are going to move this week. I had a big loss last week, and I know if I stick to it and I'm honest, that they'll continue moving in the future, but right now they seem a little stuck. I need to mentally prepare for that, so I'm not disappointed with whatever I get tomorrow.

I want to stay motivated for the whole 12 week run up to ski season - that's more than just losing weight, that's getting strong and fit too.

Just a little lb tomorrow would be nice though.

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