Sunday, 4 August 2013

Oop North

It's been a gloriously sunny weekend up in Leeds catching up with some of my oldest friends (plus 2 husbands and a baby).

Lunches were had in York, and homemade icecream, (York) Minsters were admired, BBQs dusted off and much wine and Pimms drunk. A lovely slow weekend of reminiscing and dissecting of life.

These days I find that I'm happy for my friends, with their huge houses, new cars and babies, and whatever other different avenues their lives have taken them down because, whilst I don't know where my future lies, I have short and loose medium term plans that I'm content with. Their path is not mine, and vice versa, and that's absolutely fine.

It was good to catch up, compare and contrast, and know that I'm doing what's right for me, and that they're happy too.

Mind you, all that wine and food doesn't make for an easy first weekend when you're trying very hard to get your weightloss kick started again!! Loosely speaking I'd like to aim to lose a lb a week between now and leaving. I'm not sure I'll have reached that lb tomorrow, but aside from yesterday's over-indulgence and a few chocolates and glasses of wine on Friday night, I've not been bad this week, and have been very conscious with my choices.

Hopefully tomorrow's scales won't show too much damage from the weekend and I can catch up with my progress. Especially since I'm off on holiday this Friday!! I have a very busy week at work ahead and need to pack and finalise holiday details too, but have intentions of getting to the gym when I can and maintaining my conscious eating efforts.

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