Saturday, 4 October 2014


It has been the worst of all possible news. We lost my friend on Thursday night and tonight I now know her tiny, little boy lost his battle too. One 38 and one just 3 days old. Both gone.

Such a goddamn waste of two lives.

I dread this Monday more than most, going into the office and knowing we will never see her there again.

So so sad right now.

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Sara said...

That is just awful and so cruel. All my thoughts are with you and their family right now. Xxx

Seren said...

Very sorry to hear this. Thoughts and prayers to you and to your friends.


Linz M said...

So sorry to hear this. Thoughts are with you and your friends x

Love Cat said...

How truly awful. I am so so sorry. What a terrible tradegy. You just can't comprehend.

Thinking of you. x