Thursday, 2 October 2014


My brain seems to have a repeat refrain of "what the fuck??" right now.

The latest news is that my friend has been on life support since surgery a couple of days ago. Life. Support. Just .... I barely know what to think. From what I hear her condition was caused by something relatively simple but she seems to have complication after complication. It doesn't seem real that it could have come to this.

Jesus Christ, life-fucking-support. We're just waiting for any sign that she can, and will, pull through this.

In the meantime, her tiny little son is still fighting and all my thoughts are with her family who must be frantic with worry.

Come on, M, you can do this!

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Linz M said...

So sorry to hear this, it definitely puts life into perspective. Sending positive thoughts x

Sara said...

What a horrible thing to happen :( Stay strong and positive and I really hope your friend and her boy pull through. Hugs xxx