Monday, 27 April 2015

So How's It Going?

Two days into being back on Weightwatchers after a 6 month hiatus in the Alps and how's it going?


Being back tracking and having a measure of control over what I eat is such a relief, it really is!

I'm pretty hungry at the moment, so maybe eating a little more than I should be, which is a bit awkward as I already used up my weekly points on an awesome girls' night with a glass of prosecco and the takeaway I'd been longing for, but all in all, my eating is much better right now.

As I mentioned last post, I'm also being kind to myself.  I'm going on holiday on Saturday, and gearing up for having to do some job interviews soon too (hopefully!) and this has required a bit of a refresh of my wardrobe.  Partly because things just got old, tired or a bit out of style and, yes, partly because at my current weight some things just don't fit right.

I'm not berating myself about it.  Instead I've had a few little shopping trips where I've looked for things that will make me feel good right now, and also still look good when I've lost some weight: cute, loose-cut silky floral shots, print trousers, a stripy waterfall cut jacket, a couple of new bikinis that are adjustable with ties and a gorgeous little tunic / dress / cover-up for the beach with a draw-string waist.  Plus some accessories: moccasins, because a girl needs some classic shoes, new sunnies (I officially have an obsession) and make-up.  It's amazing how a different eye pencil and a bright new lipstick will make you feel more glam and pulled together!

I also had a really long phone call with my old friend and flatmate-to-be the other night and we've agreed that we both want to get fitter / lose weight and we'll support each other's efforts, which is always awesomely helpful.

So all-in-all, I'm feeling kinda positive right now.  I'm not expecting a massive loss this week, and god knows what holiday will do to me, but I'm on the right track again.


Seren said...

Yay! Good for you!!

Lisa G said...

Well if you're going to take a 6 month hiatus, The Alps is the place to do it!!!!
Well done for getting back on track. I love to hear a nice positive attitude!