Sunday, 3 May 2015

First Weigh In

Greetings from slightly overcast Morocco!  I'm post-surf and slightly red-faced from the non-existent sun (how does that even happen??) but feeling pretty damn chilled.

So, first things first, how did Friday's weigh in go?  My first weigh in since returning to Weightwatchers on my return from the Alps, and despite not being at all perfect last week, I still managed to lose a satisfying little 2lbs.  In the spirit of all honesty, I should add that my original starting weight was on my dad's scales, but they were driving me potty (they don't just give you one definitive weight reading but keep fluctuating slightly as you move whilst standing on them), so switched back to mine by the end of the week (one number, no arguing) - there might be a slight difference between them, I'm not sure, but I'm on my scales now and we'll take it from there.

So my current weight is 14st 0.5lbs, which hopefully means that my next weigh in will take me back in to the 13st bracket.  Which would be nice.  Since that will be post-holiday though, we'll just have to see how that goes!  I don't get home until the early hours of Sunday morning, so will just take a reading on Sunday morning when I get up and take it on the chin whatever I get.

Which brings me nicely to the far nicer topic of holidays!  I'm on my first ever solo holiday.  I've gone away for a couple of days on my own before (surfing in Devon) and I travelled independently in 2013 (a month in Africa, one week with a charity and 3 weeks on an organised tour), but this is the first time I've come away for a self-contained, stay in one place holiday all on my own.  And I'll be honest - there were points yesterday when I wondered what the hell I was doing, as I journeyed from my Dad's house to Manchester airport and on to Morocco.

I think my most awkward moment came at dinner yesterday, when I'd literally just arrived at the riad at 9.30pm, and our host took me down to the dinner table in the courtyard and invited me to sit down with all the other guests to eat ... they'd all eaten their first course already and, as it turned out, they'd all been there a couple of days already, and I just thought "aaaaaaaargh - this is not as easy as I'd hoped!".  But turns out they're pretty friendly for the most part, there's a couple of other solo travellers, and another new guy's just arrived as I sit here typing this, so I'm sure I'll survive!

We had our first surf session this morning under cloudy skies, but the waves were mellow and I actually managed to come into the beach a couple of times standing up, which is pretty much more than I've ever accomplished before so ... yay!  We're just chilling at the riad now before our BBQ fish dinner tonight.  Food is traditional Moroccan for dinner, continental for breakfast and we get a packed lunch bought to the beach for us - with a surf every morning, it's a pretty healthy set up, so diet friendly as well as relaxing.  I'm not actually tracking at the moment, although I did track up until airport departure yesterday, but just being mindful instead of quantities.

On that note, I'm off to shower the salt off myself and maybe watch a film before dinner time!

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