Saturday, 16 May 2015

Second And Third Weigh In

So I'm back from Morocco and I had a really nice post about it and my second weigh in ready to go ... and my iPad ate it. Damn it.

And then somehow it was a busy couple of days and suddenly it's the weekend again and I haven't posted!

Morocco was lovely (and I'll get that post sorted and up) but for now let's concentrate on the numbers side of things. After the week away, I arrived back in the UK at 3am on Sunday morning. As I wanted to get my head straight back in the game, I did my missed weigh in from that Friday as soon as I got up on Sunday morning. I was 14st 2lb, which meant I'd put 1.5lb on over the week but wasn't quite back to where I'd started a couple of weeks before.

For me, long travel days are a bitch. I'd surfed pretty much all day at the beach on Saturday, gone back to the riad at 4pm to shower and pack and then started for the airport at 5.30pm. Flight at 8pm, land at midnight and drive home from the airport. Even with some circumspection with eating so I didn't go nuts with snacking, that's still a long day with eating and drinking at weird points, so I wasn't at all surprised to see some bloating at the scales. Plus, given how much my post-surf muscles ached I wasn't surprised to see a bit of gain there either. A loss for the week would have been nice, but I wasn't going to cry about it.

So that was week 2's weigh in.

After that I had a short, sharp week of socialising and getting organised before having to weigh in for week 3 on Thursday morning so I could go away for meetings and a long weekend in London. The scales had dipped back down just after returning from holiday but with the socialising and running around to contend with they ended up with week 3 staying the same - 14st 2lbs.

Could I have worked harder in those few days to get a loss? Probably. Could I have been stricter the week before on holiday for a loss then? I imagine so. But surfing makes me hungry and I've enjoyed catching up with friends and frankly I'm in this for the long haul, not a short term fix.

The thing that makes me fairly sanguine about the whole situation is if I compare to last year's return from the Alps. Twelve months ago, when I got home, I enjoyed catching up with all my friends and indulging in the food I'd missed and didn't think about stepping back on Weightwatchers straight away. The result was I put on an extra half a stone before I realised it and did something. This year, tiny as it might be, I've enjoyed all that but LOST 0.5lbs already. Which means once life calms down a bit and routine reasserts I'll be in a good place.


And here's to a slightly quieter week .... if I survive the weekend in London!

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