Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Everything tastes so good now!

One thing I'm really loving about doing WW's is that I'm back in the kitchen cooking again, and I'm finding it so nice having good, fresh food and loads more veg - it just tastes so much better! I don't think I'd realised how lazy I'd become with my cooking habits - ready made calorie-controlled meals are all very well, but even the M & S ones don't taste a patch on doing it yourself! Had venison grills, home-made potato wedges in cajun spice (couldn't believe how many there were from just one potato!) and fresh spinach and lettuce, with a little blob of low fat mayo last night - tasted awesome, there was loads on the plate, and best of all the whole thing was only 6 points.

Really enjoying my food like this makes it seem like an adventure instead of a chore - who can feel deprived eating such nice food!! Best of all, I still had some points left last night to go and join my neighbours for pancakes afterwards - just had two - one with lemon and sugar, and one luscious one with melted chocolate (only a teaspoon or two which I reckon equates to a square or two on a bar) and enormous fresh blackberries - god it was good!!!!

Also felt saintly at the cinema later in the evening as I stuck to my new routine and just took a little treat size bag of Cadburys buttons with me, and my own bottle of water, thus avoiding the temptation of the concessions counter. Oddly, one of my friends had a full on sundae from the Ben and Jerry's counter, and I looked at it without feeling and longing at all - strange for a girl who would formerly have counted good ice-cream as one of her vices! Hopefully, this is a sign that I'm learning, and that my body is adjusting to the fact that feeling full (thanks to the lover-ly dinner and pancakes) means I can take or leave the next thing offered - fingers crossed!!

I'm hoping to have a pretty good result this week - it sounds silly, but I'm overly excited about getting my first stone off, which could be a possibility this week with only 2.5 lbs to go .... we'll see. Going to have to remind myself not to be too disappointed if I don't quite get there this week though as it'll all come off eventually!

On an exercise front, I'm really enjoying being out and active again. I put a profile up a while ago on a site call As Fit As A Butchers Dog, which is a free service matching up exercise buddies in the local area. I thought it would be good to find someone I might be able to either do more outdoors stuff with, or possibly even the holy grail that is Street Dance classes. Just had a mail back today from a guy not far from me, which sounds pretty promising - I'd almost forgotten I was on the site, so it was all a bit out of the blue, but he wants to do more biking and walking (and in fact comes complete with his own Springer Spaniel), so I'm hoping this might work out quite nicely! The only think is I'm a but scared he'll be super fit and might sneer at me / get really frustrated. Still I was really honest on the profile about my fitness levels (or lack of them), and even mentioned that I was doing WW's so hopefully that won't be a problem.

Think I might leave the Street Dance classes until I've lost a bit more weight yet. As daft as I sounds this is the one area that my confidence fails me in. I really want to do it, but I'm just really scared that it'll be a class of size 8 people who will sneer, or that they'll tell me I'm too big / unfit to be able to do it. I know it's irrational, as I one of my friends knows the instructor, but still can't shake it. So I'll just gain a bit more confidence before I hurl myself at that hurdle!

Hope everyone else's week is going well.

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