Monday, 23 May 2011

Errrrrrr .... Yes?

Picture the scene:  I'm filling in my details on the form for the running course this summer - "Are you intending to run the Bristol Half Marathon?     Yes / No" ..... errrrr .... nooooo!  Yes?  I don't know!!

Why is there not an option for "Don't know / too scared to make a decision"??

"Yes" then?

I don't have to actually enter it and commit myself to anything yet though, right?  Because that would be blooming terrifying.

In the meantime, eating went well today until I got home, got too hungry and ate some toast followed by too much cereal, waiting for tea to cook.  At least I can blame my hormones for my continual hand-into-mouth existence at the moment; I'm achy and feel crappy and being a woman sucks sometimes.  Approximately once a month in fact.

I can feel my lunchtime zen from Body Balance evaporating as I type.  That and my aggravation at not being able to do backbends which have somehow appeared in the new routines this week.  Something to work on, I guess.

And in the meantime, I'm taking myself to bed to sulk and feel crappy in peace with the tv and some quality distraction-therapy.  Plus it's further away from the fridge and I'm inherently lazy.

Later, people.

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jumbly said...

Good! I think the Bristol half is a really realistic goal to aim for. You'll love it. Half marathons are a great distance.