Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Too Old To Party Hard

OW!!!  Ow, ow, ow .... ow.

The curse of the Evil Genius has struck again, at my now regular dose of Wednesday morning Brutal Circuits, and I now have a lot of off odd places that ache.  I don't know how that woman comes up with so many inventive ways to torture me, but it's like she has a never-ending source of variations on Exercises I Cannot Do. 

This morning's acts of horror included triceps dips and tricep pressups (2 different stations, and I'm sorry, but my triceps were not made to support my body weight!), superman pressups (pressup and then extend diagonally opposite arm and leg away, and repeat on the other side), 2 variations on lunges with weights and arms straight out in front, spidermans on the gym ball (plank position with your elbows up on the ball, then bring each knee up into the body in turn, as if you were crawling forward - bloody impossible to balance), and many more.

That compounds on yesterday's running and Monday's doubled-up Body Balance and Zumba classes.  I think we can safely say I'm still hitting my exercise targets.  The good news was that now I'm figuring out how to pace my running a bit better, I'm finding I'm hitting a steady pace without killing myself, rather than going out fast and blowing up after 10 mins.  I ran my standard 5k round the harbour yesterday, and I realise now that for me the distance is all about the psychological battle.  At 2 and a bit km into a run, I'm thinking "but it's so far to go - I'm never going to do it" (add whiny voice here for the correct effect), but by the time I'm running round to 4.5 - 5k and wrapping up for the day, I was thinking "you know what - there's more in the tank - I reckon I could run most of the rest of the way round the harbour without too much effort right now".

This bodes well for Sunday's Run Bristol 10k - I just need to pace myself and not rush, and not think too much about the overall distance.  Even at a forcibly relaxed pace, yesterday's run was 32 mins, which would put me bag on time for my best hope for the 10k.  I would love to run it in 1hr 5mins - and I think that would be a pretty great improvement on the 1hr 12mins I ran last October.

My eating's been a bit up and down, which is nothing unusual.  I had planned a quieter than quiet weekend, but that somehow turned into 2 nights of raucous drinking.  Ooops.  Friday night, I went for a nice relaxed glass of wine with Hannah after work, which had turned out to a bottle to share when I got to the bar.  And then another bottle.  And some late dinner.  Followed by cocktails.  At which point we realised we were pretty tiddly and called time.

But it's ok, because Saturday we were just going for dinner at a Turkish restaurant with her flatmate and boyfriend - just a nice relaxed dinner for the four of us.  Errrrr .... apart from their Canoe Club friends from uni days were all meeting for drinks that night, so we popped along for a bit, and suddenly it was 2am in the morning and the bar was closing.  And somehow I ended up going along to another bar with some of them for more drinks.  Until 4am.  And then somehow, it seemed too far to walk home, when some of the guys were staying just round the corner, so I ended up there and nobody got to bed til 6am.  I am too damn old to still be awake when the sun's coming back up!

Hangover breakfast followed at the City Park Farm (looking particularly good by now in my full hungover, sleep-deprived, dirty stop-out glory, and I finally trudged home at about 2pm.  Sleep on the sofa all afternoon, consume a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, and crash into bed.  I still feel tired 3 days later!

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