Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Meh ...


A very lacklustre check-in from me I'm afraid.  I'm eating fine, and I'm exercising (ran 4.9km (I have to be honest, it's not quite 5km) yesterday in a new low time of 30 mins 12 secs - yay, and circuits this morning, which were deadly), but I'm feeling pretty miserable self-pitying.

Too much stuff going on in real life, and it's just one of those low days when it all seems far too much to handle.  Too much time spent mopping up other people's problems, stressing about money, cursing the sod who vandalised my shiny new car on the weekend (thankfully just the windscreen wiper, but still) and having a bit of a 'mare at work.  And whilst I do that, other people get pregnant and start shiny new relationships and plan their perfect weddings.  When's my good stuff coming, huh?

*Sigh* - I hate self-pitying mode - it sucks.

For better news, head this way and congratulate Linz on something much nicer .....


Victoria said...

I know what you mean hun, I am feeling the same the last couple of days.

At least your still eating right and exercising and your doing amazingly well, you haven't let emotional issues / life issue get in the way and cause you to go off track so you should be proud.

I hope you start feeling more positive soon.

Vics x

Zanna said...

Och sometimes you just need to feel your own pain - and I feel some for you too. You've still got a fantastic handle on how you're doing - and the bottom line is that the most important person in all of this is you. Go You xx Z

Linz M said...

I think we've all been there at some point, sometimes you just need to have a little wallow - I find it works wonders for me :)

You are still doing brilliantly and haven't resorted to comfort eating as I usually do so I think you're doing pretty well.

Thanks so much as well for the shout out :)

Hope you feel better soon xx

Plumptious said...

I know the feeling. I've got a right monk on today!!

I have an urge to tell my customers to just bugger off!!

Hats off for sticking to plan though- I've managed to accidentally scoff a Crunchy

Chin up x