Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Drying Out

I'm not doing too well with this regular blogging thing at the moment, am I?

And you know what I blame? All these bloody long weekends! And weeks off!

Nothing to do with me and my lack of discipline at all ;-)

Anyhoo - as you may of guessed, I wasn't eaten my rabid surfers last Thursday, and may in fact be joining them for a lesson in Bude in a couple of weekend's time. Hoorah.

This weekend has been another epic of drinking (and possibly drunken) proportions. It turns out that drinking your own body weight in alcohol, several times over, isn't big and isn't clever. Who knew?

So whilst my head felt wooly, and my stomach protested that I'd poured a pint of acid down my gullet, the eating suffered a bit too. It might have been all fun and games, but the scales bitch-slapped some sense into me this morning. Up just a tiny bit more, and time to retake the reins.

Now, anyone long-suffering enough to have been around here a while, might notice that I've tended to follow a pattern over the last 2 years. Lose a bit of weight, stall, get too comfy, put a bit back on, get frustrated and eventually do something about it, get ninja on my ass and lose the weight plus an extra lb or 2.

Time to get losing. And on that basis I shall mostly be spending the next couple of weeks drying out (with one pre-planned allowance of champagne after the duathlon on Saturday) and going cold-turkey on the restaurants. It's officially time to give my liver and wallet a break and shed a few lbs at the same time.

Oh yeah - and I start my summer running course tomorrow. Exciting times.

Which means I must sleep now.

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