Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I Think They're Trying to Kill Me!

This is the logical conclusion that I have arrived at, following my first session at the running club I will be attending over the summer.  They are clearly implementing a "kill or cure" strategy, and I fear for my life.

Of course, I could have just run a little slower, or even stopped and walked for a bit as plenty of people in my group did, but I'm a stubborn mare and walking would be giving up.  And I daresay that taking two and a half weeks off running after my 10k didn't really help either.

So there we go - one quite nice running group, with possibly the potential to be quite friendly, several insanely good-looking instructors, one hour of training, with what I make to be 45 mins of running, and 2 calves that really, really want to tweak into cramp because they're not used to being asked to do sprints, hills and running through long grass (which I'm convinced is their way of making us pick our feet up).  More of the same to follow for the next 14 weeks.  But for the next 2 days there will be resting ahead of Saturday's duathlon, because I'd rather not do anything silly like circuits which would cripple me.

I've also managed to commit myself to hauling my eating pretty much back on track for the last 2 days, and am now doubly sure that continuing that commitment for the next 2 weeks will help me get my head back in the game. 

Aside from that, it's been quite a boring week - I've managed to lose my camera somewhere, so I need to turn the flat upside down to locate it again, and I'm probably going to pop along to the surf club again tomorrow night to officially join, after which I can go ahead and book my lesson for the weekend after next.  Oh yeah - and one of my friends at work has invited me along to the next training session of her softball team just in case I'd like to join them!

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