Friday, 10 June 2011

That Friday Feeling

This morning was official Weigh In Day of Misery for me.  But not so miserable this week.  Since my last official weigh in (which was 2 weeks ago), I'm 0.6lbs down.  That glosses over the point that last Friday I think I was about 12st 10lb, so being back at 12st 8lb, via a high at 12st 11lb this week is absolutely fine by me.

Once again, it reinforces a point I'm well aware of by now, which is that you don't have to be perfect with your eating, as long as you're persistent and keep moving your ass.  I too often try for perfection, and then go for a spectacular fail after a few days on track.  Last weekend was horrendous - case in point.  I earnt 50 activity points this week, and I think I drank every single one of them in the form of booze last week.  It says something about you, when you enter "ham" into your tracker, and the auto-complete function suggests "champagne"!!

But since last weekend, I've tried to calm it down and just trudge along near the place where I'm meant to be, and I'm 3lbs down since Monday, so clearly it works.

Things we have remembered this week:

  • planning your week's exercise up front helps - if you've put it in your tracker, you kind of have to do it.  My weekly workouts are looking a bit like this at the moment - yoga on Monday, spin on Tuesday, running club on Wednesday, rest on Thursday, and circuits has moved to Friday.  Add in a duathlon over the weekend and I feel pretty active.
  • planning and tracking your day's food up front helps - if you know what you've already got allocated for the day, it's easier to decide what treats / extras fit around it.  And you're less likely to go nuts.  Fact.
  • if you're hungry - genuinely hungry - eat, damnit!  Bugger your daily points - it's more important to get something sensible down your neck before you hit the cupboards, cereal box, sugar canister in search of an emergency hit (and yes, I know, the sugar canister????  WTF?  Children - this is where a total sugar crash will take you - don't go there).  It's better to have a single toasted English muffin whilst you wait for your squash to roast, than start picking.
  • fun stuff outdoors on the weekend keeps you moving.  Fact.  Last weekend was the duathlon (ok, so maybe fun is overstating it a bit, sodding big challenge might be more like it), and this weekend I'm surfing.  And maybe biking.
  • eating out sucks all the will to be good from you, plus blows your weekly bank budget before Friday night is even done.
  • eating out leads to drinks - see above point.
  • booze is evil - see above points, plus drama from last weekend.
  • don't eat out and go drinking every weekend - see above points.
On that basis, I'm going home tonight for a nice lazy night in.  I might get a takeaway, or I might not, but I'm enjoying a night of me and my sofa.  I'm off the booze for a while, as it's just not sodding worth it on any count.  And tomorrow I'm heading down to Bude in Devon for a surfing lessons with the surf club.

Basically, I'm aiming for a weekend of outdoors and low-key fun, without the excess for a change.

I lvoe Fridays - best day of the week with it all ahead of you :o)


Hetty said...

Great tips there. Totally agree about planning the weeks exercise and eating when you're hungry (I just have to learn to stop before I'm full!). I am so jealous about the surfing. Hope you enjoy it and get a hot instructor!. :)

Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Great tips
keep up the good work