Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Done and Dusty

4 miles(ish) knocked out at running club tonight. Relatively sensible eating all day. And an early night so I can get enough sleep for a change.

That's a bit more like it.

A very dry, blustery run tonight on the Downs - the kind of wind that seems to steal all the saliva from your mouth so you're constantly gasping for a drink. My running felt ok this evening, although I managed to be late to the meeting point (surprise, surprise - this is me we're talking about after all) so had to pelt across the grass to find out which way my group had gone, only to realise that they were in fact the group I'd just passed going the other way, so I had to hare back in the other direction after them, quick-smart. I therefore felt a bit blown to start with, but once I'd settled my breathing back down, I spent a bit of time concentrating on trying to loosen and lengthen my stride a bit.

Apparently, we're going to have another longish, steady run next week, before moving on to strides and other techniques the week after.

Interestingly, despite my weight being somewhat up at the moment, and back where it hasn't been since last year, I've clearly changed shape in the meantime. I put on a dress this morning, that I wore for my job interviews last September - a skin-tight fitted 40's style shift-dress - only to find that's it's still looser on me despite the additional pounds I'm currently packing. I think we'll have to put that down to my regular doses of Body Balance and torture, sorry, circuits, plus the running, for whittling a few bits that's weren't previously whittled.

In contrast to all that healthy well-behavedness above though, I've been looking into the existence of supper-clubs around Bristol. I've been hearing about them for a while and I'm intrigued by the concept of gourmet food at a stranger's house.

Of course, I've also been looking at possible events to enter over the summer, even though I swore I'd take it easy and enjoy having nothing to train for, for a bit.

Yin and yang, I guess. It all balances out in the end.

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Paul (Fat 4 Now) said...

Keep up the good work
I hate running but needs must...