Saturday, 18 June 2011

Once Bitten, Twice As Painful!

I'm going to be having a lovely quiet weekend, which is just as well, as I seem to have suffered a slight misadventure!!

It's been some time since my last random injury, so really, I totally should have seen this one coming, as I swear I have a quote of some sort to fill each year!

Whilst we were up running on the downs on Wednesday night, I noticed that there were quite a lot of insects around, and I had to dislodge one from my right shin that had got it's proverbial teeth into me.  It left behind a little spot of blood, but I didn't think too much of it, nor did I get too stressed when I discovered another little one on the back of my left calf. 

Thursday they were a little itchy, but just looked like a normal mozzie-type bite or something similar with their little red target with a tiny bulls-eye in the middle - I never react particularly well to insect bites, so I tried not to scratch and left well alone.  Except they got itchier, and hotter, and by Thursday night I dug out some bite-relief cream to put on them. 

Well by yesterday, they were looking extremely angry.  Swollen lumps and piping hot to the touch, like frazzled sun-burnt skin.  And despite deliberately not scratching them, the site of the bite had gone a weird purply colour, like a mozzie-bite that's had the head scratched off it.  Worse still, the one on the back of left calf was feeling so tight that it was starting to get painful to flex my ankle and by last night I realised that despite regular applications of hydro-cortizone cream, the redness had spread the couple of inches down the back of my calf to my ankle, which had now puffed up like it was sprained, and was painful to walk on.

What the hell had bitten me???  It looked like a mini black flying beetle, but whatever it was packed a punch!

I started taking some anti-histamine tablets last night, and some 400mg Ibuprofen to try and take some of the swelling and heat down, and it's helped a bit, but it's still swollen today, albeit less painful to walk on.  The bites are really sore though, so I can't put any pressure directly on them, like sitting with my legs out straight.  I think if the swelling's not showing any signs of improvement by tomorrow evening, I'll consult NHS Direct, or go see a doctor, as I'm wondering if the one bite has got infected somehow. 

Oh hoorah - nothing like a bit of drama to liven up the weekend!!

Other than that, I'm feeling very relaxed at the moment.  We had Hannah's leaving drinks last night as she's off on her travels, and I stuck to Diet Coke at the bar, as I'm still wanting to cut the alcohol down a bit, and just a glass and a bit of wine at dinner.  We went to a fantastic little Italian tucked away 10 mins from my house, called Europa.  Lovely atmosphere and staff and good food too!  I had a king prawn starter in tasty white wine and garlic sauce with fresh bread, and a pizza - proper thin stretched with an amazingly sweet tomato sauce and whole plum tomatoes on top, not too much of everything else - always a pleasure to have pizza the way it's meant to be, not smothererd in cheese and meat.  Amazingly, I was able to stop when i was full and not eat too much, which was a really good feeling - I left a piece of my bread, and probably about a 1/3 of my giant pizza.

Having hit circuits yesterday lunchtime too, I feel like I'm off to a balanced start to the week.  A little of what i fancy, mixed with a bit of restraint and sense.

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