Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Back on Track

A better day today, crawling back towards the healthy eating and exercise stuff that keeps this whole train on track.

I've resorted to an old school dinner - grilled chicken, runner beans and roasted squash ... and it was surprisingly lovely - the simple things can be great.  On the flip-side, my breakfast experiment went a bit wrong, but not totally.  We had nutrition guidance emailed through from our running PT's this week, and it had the now familiar words of wisdom about eating more whole foods, cutting back on processed and in particular wheat products, and avoiding low-fat foods.

Now - for most people not on diet, that last one probably wouldn't be an issue, but I'm reluctant to give up my low-fat stuff on the whole - it makes it a damn sight more difficult to keep in calorie deficit.  However, some of the others, I'm halfway prepared to try - but I do loves me bread and convenience foods so this is tricky.  On that basis, I decided to try and start with an easier meal: breakfast.

I'm not really a protein / savoury breakfast kind of girl - or at least not regularly and early in the morning.  And cereal's not supposed to be the best.  So I thought I'd try experimenting with proper porridge.  I've had rolled oats in the cupboard for ages, but never really tried doing properly from scratch.  A)  I was surprised how easy it was to do - for some reason I thought it would be more complicated, but it was just like doing ready-done out of the sachet.  B)  Their cooking instructions suck, as it completly boiled over during the supposed second cooking period - lucky I caught it in time.  C)  Their portion sizes suck.  They suggested a 50g portion of oats, which was massive, and when I compared to Weightwatchers they suggested a 30g portion which seems much more reasonable.

The over-sized 50g portion was ridiculously huge, and almost left me feeling too full this morning, for pretty much all the morning.  It also came to a staggering 11 Pro-points.  Ouch.  Like the good little trooper I was though, I pointed it properly.

Spin class at lunch, done, and I'm heading off for some drinks with a friend in a bit .... sans alcohol ... there's been quite enough of that this week already, thank you very much!

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Seren said...

Ouch indeed - 11 pro points for such a virtuous breakfast must have hurt! But well done for making a positive change. Like you said - baby steps, and but they all add up!