Friday, 17 June 2011

Weekly Verdict

Half a lb off this week, which might not sound a lot, but is clear proof that it's possible to lose even when you're not being 100% perfect and it's that week in the month. It all comes back to that key word again: "persistence".

I've tried to make better choices, be a bit more consistent and I've hit pretty much all my exercise targets, minus Thursday's short run. Generally this week hasn't contained too many heinous mistakes (although Pic'n'mix at the cinema on Tuesday, I'm looking at you!), and it shows.

I'm allowing myself a few of things that make life pleasant, whilst trying to keep a sensible overview of how those add up and not overstepping my limits.

So that's losses 2 weeks in a row - let's see if I can make it 3!

- Posted from my iPhone


Treading Lightly said...

I'm cheering for third time lucky. I hope you get your string of "loss" weeks.

Lor said...

keep up the good work and you'll see that loss!!

i know ive asked you this before but can't remember -- how do you post from your phone!?!? :D

starfish264 said...

Hi Lor,

I use an App called BlogPress for the iPhone - I'm pretty sure there'll be versions available for other smarthphones too. Allows me to compose and post my musings on the go, and add photos (not that I do often) on the go.

I also download and read my blogs I follow on my iPhone too, with an App that's simply called Feeds - it downloads all RSS feeds that I follow via my Google id (which my Blogger one too). Very handy for reading matter when you're stuck somewhere!