Thursday, 2 June 2011

Creeping Back From The Edge

Ok - so another day of eating that was somewhere close(ish) to where it was meant to be; this is almost getting to be some kind of habit.  Oh no, wait, that's what it's meant to be!

I enjoyed my lunchbreak sat out in the sun today, which was glorious, but I did have a sodding big slice of banana flapjack with it.  The problem with being catastrophically broke, and attempting to stick to your budget with it, is there gets to be points in the week where the fridge is well and truly empty.  Right now, I have ... well, not a lot at all ... in the fridge.  Which meant no yoghurts to take to work.  So somehow I ended up with flapjack.  Anyway, it was pointed and it tasted pretty fricking good, so maybe I can make it all work for me.

The funny thing with today though, was that there have been a couple of instances of things that have made me think "whoah - I really want to get this whole thing back on track!".  Maybe it's the onset of summer when everyone's out playing and lounging in Queen's Square on the way home and the first signs of tops being removed are in evidence.  Maybe it was thinking about how it'll be nice not to feel self-conscious at the surfing club when I finally get to a teaching session.

Maybe it was just a result of that heady endorphin rush after running last night, which had be driving back across the downs and home with a big grin on my face in the evening sunshine.  No idea, but it's good to have.

So despite being super-hungry at dinner this evening, I forced myself to stop after I'd eaten my lovely poached eggs on English muffin, and go and sit on the sofa for 20 mins and digest, before I lobbed an extra muffin in the toaster .... I thought maybe I'd be revelationary and let my stomach work out whether it had had enough before I continued to feed it!  And whaddya know?  I had had enough.  I seriously need to work on this whole portion control thing.

I'm off now to go and officially join the surf club, and see if it's not too late to try and book myself on to next week's Bude trip.

Ta ta, lovelies!

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Grace. said...

surfing sounds fun! I am also super broke so I have been making healthy quiche, it is a really cheap thing to make, you should give it a try