Monday, 6 June 2011

Normal Service Resumed

After all the trials and tribulations of the weekend, it has been something of a relief to get back to the normal day-to-day routine of my week. 

I've not been great with my food recently, but I've been taking baby steps over the last week or so to try and reverse that trend.  Bank holiday weekends and various events haven't helped, as they've interrupted not only my eating routines, but also my exercise ones, as well as providing far too many opportunities for booze.

This weekend's eating, as already mentioned, was actually pretty restrained on the whole; where I totally fell down was the ol' demon alcohol.  I pondered last week, the idea of giving up the booze for the next two weeks with the exception of Saturday, but really Saturday totally took the biscuit.  Over the course of 16 hours, I consumed a hugely irresponsible amount of drink (hi, Liver, I'm really sorry about that - it's honestly nothing personal against you), and it was a frankly a miracle that I was still standing by the end of the night and not spewing my guts or lying in a gutter somewhere.

That said, I now really need to cut back.  It's not big and it definitely doesn't make me clever.  So I'm thinking this weekend is either going to be completely dry, or I give myself a (modest) allowance up front and stick to the damn thing like glue!!!

That way I could try something novel like hanging the eating and drinking together at the same time!  Whaddaya know?  It might even help me!

I've also been racking my brains since the end of last week, as to what my old eating habits were when I was successfully losing.  I realise I've strayed off the beaten path a bit, and can't remember what I used to eat.  I think there was more soup involved.  And less starchy carbs.  And a lot more tomato based sauces on both my pasta and my lean meat / carbs and veg dinners.  So back to the drawing board we go.

I remembered eating butternut squash a lot more often, instead of potatoes, so I've picked one of those up.  And I replaced my new pasta with wholewheat today.  The next couple of days are roughly planned out, as I continue my slow crawl back to proper healthy eating. 

The other thing I've noticed is my craving for all things sugar recently.  Down to the point where I've been known to open the sugar jar and take one of the stuck clumps out and eat it like a sugar cube.

I am not a pony - I do not eat sugar cubes.

But I have got in the habit of expecting something seriously sugary after dinner.  I'm trying to put a stop to that by forcing myself to wait 20 mins after I finish my dinner, and then decide if I still need something.  They say you need 20 mins for your stomach to pass back the "I'm full" signals, and it's pretty much worked this evening. 

Little baby steps.


Seren said...

Thanks for your very sweet comment :-)

Ah, booze. I think I need to join you on the abstinence wagon. It must be something about the sunny weather - although any excuse...

Good luck with the baby steps - you have all the tools you need, they obviously just require a bit of a dust off.


Badger said...

I have an options highlight hot chocolate after dinner and that kicks my sugar craving. Obviously it's not ideal in warmer weather but it does the trick and is 1 or two points.
Weightwatchers frozen desserts are great too.