Friday, 3 June 2011

New Challenges

Ok, so only a lb down this week from last, but I had a think about it and made my peace with it. It's taken time this week to drag my eating back closer to where it should be. And I was a bit lower on Thursday, so I jut need to keep making steady little baby steps to improve my eating and exercise.

I went to my second surf club meeting last night and officially joined up for the next year. And since I'm now a member, I also went ahead and booked myself onto the teaching session in Bude next weekend - yeehaaa!

So tomorrow is my first ever duathlon. Gulp!! BIG gulp!! I feel pretty much totally unprepared for this experience and Jo and I have to keep reassuring ourselves that we'll take it easy and just concentrate on enjoying ourselves and finishing.

I'm not really properly organised, although at least the bike has now made it into the car, complete with its shiny new bottle cage attached, and I've remembered to pick up Lucozade and Jelly Babies to portion out for tomorrow. I figured any event that's going to take longer than 2 hours is going to need more than just water.

We've probably eaten rather too much this evening - dinner would have been fine on its own but Jo, Hannah and myself tucked into the chips and dip before hand .... just going to have to burn it all off tomorrow!

I shall return later with a handy-dandy little "race" report to tell you how it all went!!

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Zanna said...

Good luck for tomorrow - You'll be great! Zxx

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Good luck!