Monday, 20 June 2011


I have now come to the conclusion that my uber-bites are the result of an encounter with something called the Blandford Fly.  They're not supposed to be found outside of Dorset, Oxfordshire and East Anglia (I know - pretty random selection of places), but then I noticed a load of BBC articles about them being prevalent in Herefordshire over the last couple of weeks, and afterall - that's not far up the road from me.

I got curious as to what had caused my bad reaction, thinking maybe it had got infected, so did a little internet research , and found the Blandford Fly on a list of commonly reported bites on the NHS website, and both the symptoms and the pictures of the insect match my experiences.  Trust me to find the one fly that's got lost and ended up on the Bristol Downs instead!

I was also a bit shocked at the scales this morning.  I've used all of my Flex Allowance points over the weekend, plus a few exercise points that I've earned, so obviously I've eaten a bit more / richer food than I usually do during the week, but all tracked, and the scales were a mighty 5lbs up this morning!!  5lbs!!  That's a new high I'd have rather not seen!!  That had bloody better disappear this week, or I'll be very grumpy ....


Seren said...

It's never nice catching sight of a higher number than normal, but remember that logically you have not gained five pounds of fat - as long as you have been tracking properly you just have not consumed sufficient calories. Courage, mon brave!

Hope the uber bites are improving.


Peridot said...

I have that reaction to some type of mozzie bites too though. In one case I had to go to A&E! Some people just have an allergic reaction to certain types of mozzie bite.

My grandparents lived just outside Blandford and my grandfather was once bitten by the infamous fly....

You can't have put on 5lbs - you know this. Don't panic!


Linz M said...

No way have you put on 5lbs - bloody scales are hideous if you ask me (I hate mine today!).

Those bites sound nasty - hope they are feeling a bit better xx