Friday, 24 June 2011

School's Nearly Out

Afternoon all, and happy Friday!!!

Now, wouldn't you know it, but I didn't have the best weigh in this morning - a lb up on last week - but I'm ok with that because I had a massive craving for pizza and ice-cream last night (actually, longer version, I had a massive craving for fish and chips and then ice-cream, but wouldn't you know it that I couldn't find a chip shop anywhere near me, so defaulted to a thin-crust ham and pineapple supermarket pizza, which was probably slightly better than the original choice), and I know if I hadn't been a bit of a pig last night, I would have been slightly down this week.  It's fine, because this is all about the long-haul though, and I'm back on it today, and expect I'll be back down to normal tomorrow.

But the real reason I'm so perky today is I've got next week off work - woooohooooooo.  Just another 5 hours or so and I'm free for 9 whole days - yesssssss!

And next week is full of fun.  Oh yes.  Tonight, after work, I'm heading to my local bike shop for a women's only evening - some bike maintenance workshops, Q & A sessions on whatever we want to ask (hi, help me on the cleats and pedals issue, Mr Bike Man!) and some drinks, nibbles and a goody-bag!  Nice.

Then sometime tomorrow afternoon / evening or Sunday morning I'm heading down to Exmoor for the week.  A week with my Daddy just chilling out, catching up and doing our own thing - he'll probably be out painting and photographing loads, and I have plans for (deep breath) surfing and mountain-biking and walking and running and horse-riding and pootling round the villages on my bike.  And definitely cream teas!  Ooooh, and several trashy novels.  Hoorah.

What I'm not looking forward to is having to pack that much kit (anyone who's been around here a while might remember my complete aversion to packing and organising) and trying to shoehorn it all in to my little car.  On the upside though, the weather's looking pretty damn good for next week, so I might even get a little colour in my cheeks whilst I'm out enjoying The Great Outdoors.

I also scored an ace deal on Groupon last night, when the wakeboarding intro session at a local lake I've been debating doing for a month or so popped up on yesterday's offers - £18 instead of £45.  Absolute bargain!!  So that's something for me to look forward when I emerge from the far end of the work insanity that will be July (bloody financial half-year!!).

In the meantime, and before all the fun can start later, I have to scrape my extremely reluctant butt of my chair and take it to Circuits in about 10 mins.  I have a total love / hate affair with that class - it never fails to make me feel like passing out is the easier option to either spewing my guts or hacking up a lung, but there is a kind of smug feeling to surviving it each week.  And I have a nasty feeling it's the only reason that I'm not suffering the same hip problems that half my running group get, because my glutes etc already take a regular hammering each week.  Joy on a stick. 

Ah well - needs must, I suppose ....

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Have a fabulous break!