Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Back Down

Good news:  my bites are starting to look much better.  The swelling's gone down mostly, although it's left a lot of bruising in it's place. The itching's gone.  The centre of the bite looks less like imminent infection and more liek something healing.  Hoorah.  It's still unsightly and ugly, but it's mending.

Good news:  the scales have backed down a bit, and look a bit more sensible.

Bad news:  I was really hungry yesterday, and ended up eating much more than I needed last night.  Hello - two Rice Krispies Square bars after pasta and dessert???  Uh, yeah, think that was overkill.  But I stopped after that, so at least I didn't eat the third and fourth bars in the multi-pack! lol

Body Balance yesterday, and spinning today, and when they needed someone to walk across town yesterday and hand-deliver some docs, I volunteered and picked up a bit of extra fresh air and exercise.

I also finally made it to lending library in Bristol yesterday and joined - hoooraaah!  I love lending librarise ... all those wonderful books for free!!  Saves me money, saves me space (I have too many books in my flat as it is!), and broadens my horizons as I'll try different books even if I'm not sure I'll like them, because it's not costing me any money - marvellous.

And finally, I noticed last night that my new interest-free credit card has been set up, which is fab, as it's the next little step on helping to minimise my debt and get it paid back as soon as poss.  Baby steps!


Seren said...

Lol, the only problem with libraries is the overdue fines - I've managed to run up loads in the last year because I'm so bloody dopey!!!
Hurrah for baby steps.


Peridot said...

You did well not eating the last 2 RK bars - I have to guard against a 'sod it, I'll eat them and then it's done' mentality. Bonkers.