Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Because I'm Stupid

I've just applied for a free place to do the Cycletta bike race that's in September (go see what it's all about here).  I really enjoyed the cycling phase of the Everywoman Duathlon a couple of weeks ago, and have been trying to figure out how a rank amateur finds more rides to go on, and well, it seems kind of fun.  I've no doubt that I won't get my free place, but if I did it would mean I'd have to go and wouldn't be allowed to cop out :o)

In other news - surprise, surprise - but this just in:  strides hurt.  Yes folks, that's right - I've made the epic discovery that running training can be rather painful.  Typically though, I decide to have different pain to everyone else.  Firstly, my incredibly annoying sports bra decided to ping a strap off, about 10 mins in to the run.  Not amused. (More on that in a sec).  And secondly, our running group's trainer is apparently away at Glastonbury this week (bastard), as was one of the other group's, so they lumped all 3 of the top running groups together this evening to train.

Now - I'm not quick.  This we know.  And I'm also in the middle running group of 5 at our little club - which means if the top 3 groups train together, I'm in the slowest group that gets included.  Oh goodie.  I've spent most of the evening's session trailing behind like a panting little hobbit, skipping along behind the others whilst trying not to hack up a lung.  Interestingly, whilst about 20 people in my (combined) group were struggling with hip pain as a result of the training session, my muscles were all coping admirably and I got stitch instead.  Fabulous.

I think it's because I had eaten before I came out, even though it was over an hour before.  I guess that now the pace of the sessions has picked up a bit, I need to figure out a better system for eating something before training, but not anything that will cause thoughts of puking.

The sports bra on the other hand is a complete loss.  That thing is driving me nuts!!!!!  When I started running more, sometime earlier in the year, I upped the anti and moved along from my trusty M & S High Intensity sports bras, to a top of the line Shock Absorber Run bra.  Worst.  Mistake.  Ever.

Admittedly, I don't have the smallest boobs for a would-be runner (34DD thank you very much), but this bra is atrocious.  Firstly, the chest band is phenomenally tight .... which should be a good thing, as all the reports say this is where you get all the support from.  Except Shock Absorber have managed to build a bra that is both tight, and not terribly giving, so the hooks all get ripped out of their fastenings in fairly short order.  Genius.  One of the loosest hooks has literally disappeared, the tightest hooks are all completely skew-iff and look as if they might depart any second, and the middle row isn't exactly straight anymore. 

As for the bloody straps.  They've designed the bra to be racer-back, with a clip to hold the straps together in the middle of your upper back.  So far, so good.  Then to prevent straps from slipping and become looser whilst you run, they've replaced the usual sliding mechanism with a hook like the ones you see on removable bra straps, and a series of little "pockets" at the back of the strap - you slide the hook through which ever one gives the best fit for length, and that should be the end of it.  Except the "pockets" evidently start to pull apart after a while, so instead of the little curved lip at the end of the strap hook holding it secure, they start to work their way loose as you run, and then PING!!!!!  you're a strap down.  This isn't as bad as it could be, as the rest of the racer back construction means that you don't lose too much support - basically the front part of the strap stays firmly anchored to the straps on the other shoulder and there's not much more movement, but the fact remains that you're still running, conscious that you're missing a strap which is now dangling down youur back, and short of either taking the bra off, or hoisting up your shirt and getting a near-stranger to fix it, there ain't no way to sort it out yourself.

Back to trusty M & S for me, I think!

So that's me - entering a bike race (foolisj), and thinking that just because it's got a posh name and it's more expensive, it might be a better bra (stupid).


Hetty said...

Hilarious bra rant there! And you've saved me a few quid as I too was going to try the shock absorber but will stick to my M&S. Thanks!

kate said...

yup, definitely a good rant ;) have you tried for bras, a bit more expensive but fantastic service and advice

jumbly said...

Get in touch with @loulouk on twitter, she's doing the cycletta.

And - send that bra back to where you bought if from. Sounds to me like a faulty one. I have the same version, in a similar size, and it's great, the best sports bra ever. None of the bits ping undone.