Sunday, 12 June 2011

Can't Win 'Em All.

Gaaaaaah - sometimes the weekend is sent to try us.  Or me?  I'm hoping it's not just me, and it tries you all too sometimes.  Not that I wish bad things on you, but am I the only person this kind of chaos happens to?

I have, however, dealt with the disappointments fairly admirably, I feel.  I have, in no particular order:

  • not drunk more than the 3 drink limit I set myself on Friday.  Hoorah for self-control.
  • not eaten out - saving both money and precious Weightwatchers points.  I enjoyed a tasty takeaway on Friday night with Hannah.  We had way more food than we needed, and it made a nice change to be trying to new dishes rather than sticking to the same old, same old.  And I did finally stop when I was full - probably a little after I should have, but I stopped none-the-less.
  • not made plans for the whole weekend.  I have a terrible habit of trying to ill every spare minute of downtime, less, god-for-bid, I get bored.  No wonder I'm constantly knackered and broke.  I didn't make plans up front for Friday evening, and after having a full duvet day last Sunday and it being so relaxing, I decided to do the same again today.  The weather out was foul today, so what better time to catch up on sleep and generally relax completely.
On the downside, another thing I didn't do this weekend was bloody well surf.     Grrrrrrrrrrrr.  After looking forward to do it all week, I set out on Saturday morning, all organised with my picnic lunch packed.  I'd not left myself quite as much extra time as I'd meant to, but I wasn't late or cutting it fine either.

So how was I to know that there would be a crash at J24 on the M5 which closed the southbound carriageway and meant everything had to go up and over the junction's roundabout.  Unfortunately, I hit the traffic somewhere before J23, so it was ages before I could even get off the motorway and try and find an alternative route.  Even more sadly, the alternative route was choked with everyone else from the M5 trying to find an alternative route too.

I had to sit in the car and watch the sat nav's arrival time ticking past my lesson start time, and then on to half an hour afterwards.  No way I could get there in time, even if all the traffic disappeared right there and then.

Eventually, I gave up and rang the surf school and explained, and they were nice enough to agree that I could reschedule my lesson for another day, but it was frustrating as it still felt like a day wasted.  Rather than go and head straight back home with my tail between my legs, I decided to make the most of my picnic lunch and drove myself to a random beach on the way home near Burnham, where I could at least sit at the seafront and read my book and eat my sandwiches.  I also amde the way home a bit of random car adventure by driving back through all the country lanes, picking villages or place names that sounded cool and going exploring.  Not the day I'd originally planned, but better than nothing.

Looks like Saturday just wasn't my day, as I decided to make a peach melba pavlova to take to the Hannah's house party in the evening, and then had to hit 3 different supermarkets to find the flipping meringues.  Just typical.  Never mind - in the end, I had chilled out evening with friends - you can't win 'em all.

And there'll still be surfing at some point.

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