Wednesday, 22 June 2011

90% There? 85%?

I think that's roughly how well I'm sticking to plan at the moment. It's not 100%, that's for sure, but the real question is: is it enough that sticking consistently at this level will allow me to lose weight?

I don't care if it's very slow, I just need to find that magic tipping point where I can grind out slow, steady losses without intermittent crash and burn.

I've been at this 2.5 years now; long enough that I have no timetable to reach that final elusive goal; long enough that I really just care about maintaining what I've lost, and gradually, bit by bit, trying to make small improvements to myself.

Yeah, some of that will be small moderations to my eating behaviours - finally getting to grips with portion sizes and moderation with the ol' alcohol. Others will be continuing my quest to find new delicious, healthy foods to add to my repertoire, and maybe learning some new recipes. A big thing for me has been finding balance - balance between the healthy stuff and the decadent, balance between the food and the activity.

A big chunk of the improvements I aspire to relate to my fitness. Very slowly, here and there, challenging myself to achieve something new. Running. Doing the 10k's and then the duathlon. I still aspire to a sub 30:00 minute 5k. And I swear to God, one day I'll do 10 proper push-ups. Man-style. I want to improve my mountain-biking some, and I'd like to be able to ski a black run confidently. I'd still like to learn to snowboard, surf, wind-surf and kite-surf. Competently. I wouldn't mind trying climbing again and kayaking.

I have no time-scales for doing any of the above. As you may have noticed, I'm not the most driven person to go and get on with stuff. Hell, it took me 3 months to get round to joining the surf club, and I haven't actually surfed with them yet (although my lesson is now rescheduled for next Wednesday - whooop!). And maybe, eventually, I'll decide I don't even like the sports I think I want to do. But at least I'll have tried.

And that's all we can really do. Try. As much as we can, on any given day. We'll make mistakes, of course we will, and we'll file them in things learned and move on. And keep trying.

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Anonymous said...

We started our weight loss journeys about the same time--spring 2009. I had 50 lbs to lose to hit the lower end of a 'healthy' bmi. I got the first 10 off easy, walked my knees into a paste getting the next 10 off, and for the last two years have sat at 27.5 (give or take a little). Clearly I have mastered maintenance at this level. What is not so clear is if I have the energy, the drive, the oomph to do what it takes to get any more off. I look pretty good. I feel fine. I can do anything I want to do. I have begun to wonder if maybe I haven't actually found my comfort zone. It's not so bad wearing a size 12 (old days 14).

I'm not encouraging you to give up by any means. But don't forget that stopping the gain was the greatest gift you ever gave yourself. Be healthy, be happy.


starfish264 said...

Hi Barb,

I completely agree. The first 50-60lbs came off relatively easy for me, because I was doubly motivated by vanity / comfort and my fitness targets. But this last 15lb or so are a royal pain in the arse, as simpley put, I'm much more comfortable with how I look and feel. Anyone who's gone from a size 20 to a 14 finds it hard to be that bothered about scraping into a 12. Of course there's a few bits I wouldn't mind improving a bit (hi, wobbly belly - I'm talking to you), but generally I'm happy. I do know that my running and biking and other sports would benefit from me losing a bit more- they're just easier when you're not trailing excess bulk around. And it would probably also benefit my old back injury, which is mostly rehabbed but occasionally nigglesome. But yeah - really only a long-term goal and a would-be-nice rather than a neccessity these days. I'm happier learning to balance myself for the rest of my life than a short-term goal - I've done the most important bit (getting started) already.