Thursday, 11 September 2014

An Ass Kicking

That is what I have duly administered to myself this week. After the weekend of over-indulgence (albeit offset by moving a flat), the malaise somehow continued inadvertently into Monday. It started so well and then somehow slid downhill.

Somewhere during the unintentional slide though, I decided that enough was enough and I needed to buck my ideas up. Not only that but the intention was followed by a plan ... take breakfast to work (a measured portion of cereal and milk to go in the fridge), get bananas for my desk and some soup from the supermarket and take my Tupperware to the office so I could easily heat it and return to my desk. A scarily simple and easy plan - so why is it sometimes so hard to get on plan???

I took it one step further on Monday when I was at the gym by actually asking one of the trainers about personal training and booking in a consultation for Tuesday and my first training session this morning before work. Long story short: I'm currently suffering a strong sense of impending immobility due to kettle bells.

It might have been a little late coming, but I've picked my game up a step this week. I would love to see a loss of some sort tomorrow on the scales to break out of the territory I've been stuck in for so long. I would also love to have at least some form of movement available to me tomorrow ... both might be long shots but nothing like positive thinking, eh?

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Seren said...

Positive thinking all the way! Hope those scales were kind.