Monday, 1 September 2014

Wedding Weekends

One huge problem, or should I say challenge, of trying to eat healthily and lose weight, is that life will insist on throwing road blocks in the way.

Weddings, for instance, with the best will in the world, will always be a pain in the ass to navigate. The food's dictated to you, the booze is flowing and emotions are high. My tactic? Have a good healthy breakfast, take a snack (because you always eat at weird times and nearly always HOURS after you last ate) and then just go with the flow and enjoy it. But, most importantly, pick up straight away with where you left off the next day!

Well, that should have been the plan anyway. In actual fact, it went like this:

Friday - disappointed from weigh in I had a long but not terrible day at work eating-wise, then started the chaotic running around that is prepping for a wedding weekend. In this case it also included hosting a friend on Friday night, whose birthday happened to be on the wedding day. I bought healthy stuff for dinner but it turned out to be so late by the time she arrived and I was ready to cook that cooking was cancelled. Takeaway was proposed but we were too lazy and actually ended up with jacket potatoes with cheese and beans accompanied by a birthday bottle of champagne and followed by cake. More frantic packing and a late night.

Saturday - up early, much primping and faffing and we did manage cereal with a banana for breakfast before leaving 30 mins later than planned. Drive to friends' house near venue, get changed quickly (hair and make-up were already on) and then catch our lift to the venue. Ceremony, Pimms on the lawn, kept missing the canap├ęs, hungry, hungry, hungry!!! Wedding breakfast, a lot of wine, more wine, a gin, sleeeeeeeeeepy. Evening food out - two bacon rolls, cone of chips and a bit too much wedding cake. Dancing, talking, nearly falling asleep on the steps outside waiting for lift home. Fall into bed.

Sunday - wake up before everyone else and creep downstairs for a cup of tea. Toast when the others wake up. Here's where it goes wrong: as the wedding party arrive home, a get together is suggested. I have a few quick chores to do as I have to get the present from my dad's house nearby and wash my car (I picked a VERY bad place to park my car overnight and it was somewhat defaced by birds). By the time I catch up to the others there is tea and wedding cake. We leave at 7pm at which point I learn that there was proper food but they'd eaten and then put it back in the kitchen and forgot to tell me! So my entire day has consisted of 2 pieces of toast, and 2 bits of cake. Obviously I arrive home and takeaway happened.

Damn it!!

Ok, so not the worst takeaway but pretty much 3 days of not great food. Done. Move along. There will now be 4 days of very good food for the rest of the week ... which could be tricky as I have 2 nights being cooked for this week! :-/

Best foot forwards! And maybe a lot of walking and moving to help it!

The wedding was beautiful though so I can't regret that.

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