Monday, 29 September 2014

When It's Not Greater Than The Sum Of The Parts

We all know the saying - something's greater than the sum of its parts, meaning something magical happens when you put two or more things together and you get a multiplication effect: 2 + 2 = 5 or more!  Comedians that are great on their own but absolutely magical together.  Ingredients that become a taste sensation when combined.  Weird chemical reactions producing far more than they logically should.

However, when is this not true?  Well, apparently it's my leisure activities.  I had a bit of insight today and reminded myself why I started trying to focus on one thing at a time in my spare time, eating definitely being one of those.

What am I talking about?

The fact I ate some dark chocolate earlier, and I honestly couldn't tell you what it tasted like because I was busy reading at the same time - 50g of dark chocolate and I might as well have not eaten it for all the pleasure I got from it.  Reading - something I love.  Chocolate - something I love.  In theory, the two together should be a source of great pleasure indeed.  The reality is that since I can really only pay attention to one thing at a time, it's a waste.  The reading wins - of the 5 senses it would seem taste is not the dominant one.  Vision and audio will always win out.

I've noticed myself sliding back into the habit of eating, and particularly snacking, whilst distracted recently - it's not a good habit and might explain my stalled progress, or some of it at least.

Other than that, it's been a funny old week.  Last weekend I was camping and surfing and staffing a catering and cake stall at a surf comp on the beach in Devon.  On Wednesday, I did 8 solid hours of heavy gardening and heavy DIY for a charity day where we basically Ground-Forced a sensory garden at a local dementia care centre.  Tuesday night I ran for the first time in well over a year.  Thursday morning I trained before work - a solid hour of TRX.  It's definitely been an active week, no denying that, but my eating has slid a bit as a result, since I've often been hungry and tired by the time I get home.  Add to that the fact that I know heavy training / exercise always has a negative impact on the scale within the first 24-48 hours for me, and it was no surprise to see the scales jump back up 1.5lbs on Friday morning to 13st 7lb.

Now, I take this with a pinch of salt and a hint of insouciance.  I've burned a lot of calories this week and I don't feel heavier particularly, but my eating wasn't exemplary.  Add to that that I've received 3 definite compliments / comments in the space of the last week that I'm looking trim / am I on a diet and I just think I need to keep powering on.

The weekend was all a bit last minute as I had no plans and then ended up going out for drinks on Friday night at the gorgeous Cozy Club in Bristol and then shooting off for a short stay in London on Saturday - multiple walks by the river, with multiple pub stops - again my eating wasn't amazing, but I've tracked the lot and as I'm off work this week I'm determined to eat well and track properly whilst I have time.

Maybe this week I can break off my current plateau and make some progress.  Unfortunately, on that note I'm off out for dinner .... but conscientiously.  Life is not without its challenges!

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