Monday, 8 November 2010

Day 1 verdict

I have to confess, I’m a little bit confused still by the new Weightwatchers plan, but I have managed to stick more or less to my points for the day, with just a few taken out of my flex.

Confusing point no. 1: when I finished converting my week’s tracker so far to the new Pro Points, I went from having a small deficit of 6 points, which included all my activity points netted off already, to still having about 12 flex points, and 28 activity points untouched.  Weird.

Confusing point. 2:  I can’t quite figure out yet, what I should be looking for in my food when I shop.  Should I be looking for low everything values?  Low fat, low carb, low protein and low fibre, or do I look for low fat, high carb, high fibre, high protein?  What’s better?  What contributes to lower points / more ban per buck?? 

Whilst I try and figure that conundrum out, I’ve reverted to sticking to really basic foods.  Tuna, chicken, plain veg and a few Weightwatchers ready meals – stuff that should be relatively easy to point.  So far today, I’ve been filling up on fruit instead of rubbish for my snacks.  Now that they’re zero points, that definitely encourages me to turn to them rather than some fake rubbish snack, so I’ve had a pear, a banana and mixed berry pot throughout today, as well as a big pile of leafy green spinach with half a pizza for dinner.

I have to say, one good thing, is that so far I’ve been feeling pretty full.  Being able to reach for the fruit without having a points impact, means I don’t have to think twice about having an energy stopgap, which is pretty cool.

In normal news, I was massively grumpy this morning to find that my stupid iPhone alarms still aren’t working properly after last weeks clocks going back and hour.  I thought I had them sorted at the end of last week, but nope – I didn’t wake up til 6.45 this morning, and my 6am alarm sounded at 7am.  Boooooooo – not a great start to a Monday morning!

I was also traumatised to get to work and find that the “clean” jumper I’d slung on this morning actually reeked of BO.  I had a proper freakout, of “oh my god, did I remember to have a shower and deoderant on this morning?????” proportions (remember I was in a massive rush and running late?), and had to go to the ladies to ascertain the situation discreetly.  Definitely the jumper, not me!  It’s an older one, so I guess it’s just got to that stage where they’re never really clean even after washing, after a couple of years of weekly abuse in the office.  I couldn’t wait to get to lunchtime, so I could go and raid the clothes section of the supermarket next to work for a plain and clean jumper.  Much better!

I’ve spent a bit of time this evening reading around what Weightwatchers has to say about the plan.  I’m out for the evening with work on Thursday night, and then straight out on Friday night, so my plan is to try and eat on my daily points tomorrow and Wednesday, and rack up a few more activity points where possible, which will be my buffer for Thursday night.  We’re going for a Thai meal, so as long as I stick to some sort of stir-fry and plain rice, I should be relatively ok for points.  Luckily, Friday’s shenanigans fall into a new tracking week.  Friday is the eponymously entitled “Get Fucked for Fitz” – an annual blowout held my members of Bristol Uni Canoe Club to remember a friend and member who tragically drowned whilst paddling just after his graduation – the money raised goes to the club’s safety funds.  A lot of my friends were Canoe Club members, so this is quite a bit event for them, although the first time I’ve been along – it’s going to be nice to be out with lots of new people and some folks I don’t get to see very often.

Right kids, time for me to watch Gossip Girl and fall into bed!


Seren said...

I'm still trying to work out how to get the most out of the new system at the moment as well. As you say, it does seem to encourage people to go back to quite a basic diet - perhaps with slightly more of an emphasis on protein than previously, which is good news for a cheese hound like myself. I am less enamoured of the new alcohol points though!!

Hopefully it will start getting easier as we get used to it.


Peridot said...

I asked about what to look out for and was told to look for high protein and high fibre - they'll be the lowest point options.

I'm still thoroughly confused too!

starfish264 said...

Definitely basic, Seren, I'm feel a bit like a monkey at the moment as I'm basically filling up on fruit, since everything I usually eat seems to be ridiculously high points now! My go-to beans on toast snack has gone from 2.5 pts to 6, and so has my morning Rice Krispies with skimmed milk. I feel a bit like I have nothing left I can eat any more that's convenient. I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually, but I feel like my points don't go as far as they used to.

Thanks, Peridot, I'll have a tinker with the online calculator and lunch and see if I can figure it out, based on that. I'm terrified about eating out this week as all the restaurant choices have disappeared from the tracker for the moment :-(

Seren said...

The baked beans was definitely a bit of a blow! I think I might experiment making my own - you could do a zero point tomato sauce and then just add tinned haricot beans to it...might not be exactly the same but the points would come down because the sugar would be lowered.

So far, I'm finding low fat yoghurts and Babybel lights to be good for in between meal snacks.


Runnergirl said...

I'm still not convinced about fruit being free - there's so much sugar in fruit, and although it's natural sugars, it still gets converted to stored energy in the long run.

However, I can't really comment as I haven't joined up to this yet.

Lizzie said...

Hey RG - fruit isn't 'free' it's zero points! Which means the rounding up rule applies - ie in moderation ie don't eat 27 bananas in one day!


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